Ulf Herde uses horses for almost all of his cattle work.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

Ranch uses tight rotations, little machinery

On the Farm: Ulf Herde runs about 400 head on his ranch near Ardmore, Alta., using corn for winter grazing

Ardmore, Alta. — All of Ulf Herde’s cattle are just about ready to return to the home pasture. He has already got one group here, grazing close to the yard, while the other groups forage on nearby land. Once it’s the middle of November, he will manage the animals as one bunch. Weaning will then […] Read more

Niels Lausten competes at a 2014 shoot in Aylesbury, Sask., on his gelding, Ranger. Mounted shooters use .45 calibre single action revolvers. The gun must be cocked each time before firing by drawing the hammer back. Other firearms in the sport include rifles and double barrel shotguns. All use blank ammunition.  |  Cheryl La Rue photo

Cowboy mounted shooting relives Wild West

On the Farm: A passion for the sport leads this central Alberta couple to share their knowledge with others

BLACKFALDS, Alta. — The romance and folklore of the Wild West fascinated Niels Lausten when he was a farm boy growing up in Denmark. “Not only did he watch every western he could on TV, those were dubbed into German so he learned that language as well,” said his wife Cheryl La Rue. Lausten started […] Read more

KCL Cattle Company is a 9,000-head feedlot north of Lethbridge.  |  Photo supplied by Les Wall

Alberta family keeps cattle, business flowing

Windows in the second-floor office at KCL Cattle Company provide a good view of the 9,000-head feedlot north of Lethbridge. It’s a good place to watch the cattle and the workings of an operation that is a passion for the Wall family, which includes Les and Lisa, their daughter, Karleen Clark, and her husband, Jared […] Read more

Susan Manyluk has been collecting antiques for most of her life. She opened HolmeHus Antiques at her farm in 2000. The 1,600 sq. foot showroom space includes dishes, vases, paintings, decorations, textiles, clothing, tools and even Viking-themed items from her native Denmark.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Farm focuses on free-range animals, antiques

On the Farm: A 90-cow beef herd is complemented by a wide range of heritage animals and an antique store

RED DEER — The Manyluk family at HolmeHus Antiques and the Farm With The Good Food promote their animals as free range. The truth of that claim becomes apparent within minutes of driving onto the property via a tree-lined shady lane that winds to the back of the main house. Clucking chickens dart and peck, […] Read more

Bill Zwambag and his son, Matthew, explain how they run their Limousin operation when family members work off the farm.  |  Barbara Duckworth photo

Teamwork is key for Ont. cattle producers

On the Farm: Three brothers learn to work together as they help their family focus on building Limousin herd

GLENCOE, Ont. — There is strength in numbers and the Zwambag family has proven that since they got into the purebred Limousin business in 1989. While holding down off-farm jobs, they built up their BeeZee Acres farm at Glencoe in southwestern Ontario and grew a family where all the members work together. “I’m proud of […] Read more

From left, Shannon, Mya, Lee and Colton Sluser, on the family farm at Glenavon, Sask. | Submitted photo

Young farmers live their dreams

GLENAVON, Sask. — It’s late September, and it’s raining, but Lee and Shannon Sluser are optimistic. Harvest on their 17,500 acres was about three-quarters done before the rain started, and they are now left with wheat and straight-cut canola left to do. Quality was good and yields were decent, Lee said during the rain delay. […] Read more

 Takota Coen stands with his Jersey cow on his farm near Ferintosh, Alta.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

Farm goes from conventional to regenerative

Young farmer and his parents work together using organic practices and directly marketing their products

FERINTOSH, Alta. — Takota Coen beckons his hogs to come out onto the green pasture. The animals follow him through a small opening in the fence and begin to forage. He approaches the pigs for a belly rub. Some are typically wary, but he manages to find one that lies down. He begins to rub […] Read more

Tracey Burke and Brian Odgaard have been raising  grass fed and finished Dexter cattle for a decade and plan to continue to do so well into their retirement years. They market through word of mouth and on social media.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Alta. couple’s Dexter cattle feed people, pets

On the Farm: Tracey Burke and Brian Odgaard rent summer pasture and winter the herd on their 20-acre property

PINE LAKE, Alta. — When Tracey Burke says she doesn’t cheat on her cows, she’s referring to the fact that the only beef she eats is the 100 percent grass-raised, hormone-free Dexter beef that she and her husband Brian Odgaard raise at Ghost Pine Dexters. “And I don’t buy meat in grocery stores or order […] Read more

Life is a bowl of cherries for the Johnson family of Luke, left, Abi, Jennifer, Dwayne, Caleb and Josh.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Little Cherries on the Prairie keep life in the pits

On the Farm: Becoming orchardists was natural move for family, who say it’s always been in their blood to grow fruit

BENTLEY, Alta. — Becoming an orchardist was natural for Jennifer Johnson. “It’s always been in my blood to grow fruit,” she says. Johnson recalls happy times picking crisp apples from the tree in the backyard on her parent’s grain farm at Carbon, Alta. And she fondly recalls a vacation in British Columbia where the whole […] Read more

Kevin and Amy Leitch say they are trying to make their farm as sustainable as possible. | Barbara Duckworth photo

Alberta family strives to build sustainable farm

On the Farm: Amy and Kevin Leitch take an old-fashioned approach to their venture but also embrace renewable energy

ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE, Alta. — Kevin and Amy Leitch take sustainability seriously on their west-central Alberta farm. Some of their practices are the old-fashioned approach of running a mixed farm and producing most of their own food, as well as adopting renewable energy technology. They have made their new house energy efficient and use solar […] Read more