Mike Kozlowski and Mackenzie Bouteiller, foreground, work on weed control in the garden. The weekly work schedule once harvest begins in late June andearly July is weeding on Mondays and Fridays and harvesting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. | Maria Johnson photo

Organic gardener cuts out the middleman

On the Farm Alberta producer’s journey to the field began with a simple question: ‘where do you get your food?’

RED DEER — An innocent question from a subsistence farmer in Kenya in the mid 2000s affected Mike Kozlowski in ways he never imagined. He spent months in the east African country through a Canada Millennium Foundation Scholarship project where he helped identify agricultural-related community needs. The question and the conversation that followed initiated serious […] Read more

Liam Gauthier and Megz Reynolds hang out in the family’s vegetable garden with their children, Thea, 4, and Rynn, 2.  |  William DeKay photo

When mountain meets prairie: a farm is born

On the Farm Megz Reynolds and Liam Gauthier grow crops, raise cattle and run a custom operator business

WHITE BEAR, Sask. — How does a snowboarder and rafter fall for a farmer and prairie way of life? “I ended up at a friend’s surprise birthday party in White Bear at the bar in the middle of harvest and Liam was late coming to the party. He got there at like 10:30 at night […] Read more

Gemma McNeill at Zaklan Heritage Farm checks lettuce ready for transplanting with a farm employee. The farm works with family members and has three employees for field and greenhouse work.  |  Barbara Duckworth photo

B.C. couple keeps heritage farm thriving

Vegetable farm in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland grows produce in fields and greenhouses on eight acres of land

SURREY, B.C. — Hidden among the stylish cul de sacs in suburban Surrey, a thriving vegetable farm sits that has been in the Zaklan family for 90 years. For the last six years, Doug Zaklan and Gemma McNeill have been farming eight acres of land growing a variety of vegetables in fields and greenhouses within […] Read more

Gerry, left, Ray, Jill, Roger, Brice and Rodney Verwey are helping raise money for STARS.  |  Ed White photo

Family takes on project for air ambulance

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man. — Sometimes modern technology helps farmers grow bigger and better crops. And sometimes it helps to give them away. “The guys were sitting in their tractors this spring and they got talking,” said Jill Verwey, who is married to one of the four Verwey brothers who farm together around the Portage […] Read more

Bill Boese is turning bush into new cropland on his farm near Fort Vermilion, Alta.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

Northern Alta. farmer breaks fresh ground

Optimism and opportunity have long been part of the Boese family, which started farming in northwestern Alta. in 1965

FORT VERMILION, Alta. — Bill Boese is clearing 600 acres of bush to make way for new cropland, an exciting venture that highlights his optimism for the future. “This doesn’t happen in very many places,” said Boese, on his farm near Fort Vermilion, Alta., which is located in one of the province’s most northern points. […] Read more

An Icelandic ram takes a close look at a visitor. | Barbara Duckworth photo

Vegetables, sheep drive Vancouver Island farm

On the Farm British Columbia woman finds a way to farm on her own while her husband works as a carpenter

SAANICHTON, B.C. — Silverwood Farm is a serene place hidden in a grove of trees beside the busy urban community of Saanichton. Owned by Eva Jaycox, the farm is home to Icelandic sheep, chickens and a vegetable operation. Farming in the urban shadow is common for many living on Vancouver Island, where the agriculture land […] Read more

Dakota Odgers, left, and his father Jeff Odgers examine the fall rye cover crop that was emerging in the spring. In the background is the irrigation system the farm recently installed. | Robin Booker photo

Multiple generations work the Spy Hill farm

The intergenerational knowledge within a family farm is the bedrock upon which the farm is built. It’s also what makes each farm unique. This knowledge includes historical perspectives on the land, specialized know-how with specific equipment or livestock breeds, and on the Odgers farm near Spy Hill, Sask., hockey is a big part of the […] Read more

Pasture pigs are a major part of the farm operation at Cutter Ranch near Fort Steele, B.C., operated by Tyler McNaughton and Sacha Bentall, and their daughter, Bryn. Missing from the photo is their other daughter, Rylee.  |  Barb Glen photo

Award winning farmers guided by five goals

FORT STEELE, B.C. — Energy and enthusiasm for agriculture are in abundant supply at Cutter Ranch, owned and operated by Sacha Bentall and Tyler McNaughton. Their pasture-raised pork, lamb and beef operation, which they’ve developed over the past 10 years, required plenty of both attributes. Those same qualities also factored into earning them the 2018 […] Read more

Joan Heath and Corey Loessin from Radisson, Sask., feel obligated to give back to the agriculture sector by serving on boards of farm organizations.  |  Sean Pratt photo

Couple feels service work vital part of farming

On the Farm Joan Heath is a director with Cereals Canada and Corey Loessin is chair of Saskatchewan Pulse Growers

It is not nearly as rare as it used to be to find a woman on the board of directors of a farm organization. What is extremely unusual is to find a woman and her husband serving on separate boards at the same time. Joan Heath and Corey Loessin are doing just that. They have […] Read more

Jen and Brooks White, along with their children, Sawyer, left, 7, and Piper, 4, run a mixed farm with 600 head of bison and 5,000 acres of annual crops. | Submitted photo

Man. farmers embrace regenerative agriculture

On the Farm: The Whites grow a diverse rotation of crops, raise bison and aim to reduce inputs as much as possible

About three years ago Brooks White had an “aha” moment that changed his life, or at the very least, changed how he views farming. White was browsing on the internet when he came across a phrase that he hadn’t heard before: regenerative agriculture. Suddenly, everything made sense. “I saw that and (said), ‘that’s it, that’s […] Read more