After analyzing 1,088 canola samples, the Canadian Grain Commission reports the 2013 crop has an average oil content of 45.1 percent. The numbers exceed the Canola Council of Canada’s goal of 45 percent to be met in 2015.  |  Canola council of Canada photo

Oil content of canola hits industry target

Upward trend | Early returns from 2013 crop show average oil content of 45.1 percent

There has been much hoopla about canola meeting its 2015 production target two years ahead of schedule, but the industry could achieve another equally ambitious goal this year. The mean oil content of the 1,088 canola samples analyzed by the Canadian Grain Commission as of Oct. 21 was 45.1 percent. The target established by the […] Read more

Agrisoma Biosciences contracted 6,700 acres of carinata this year.  |  Agrisoma photo

Alta. firm targets more carinata acres

Five to 15-fold increase sought | Agrisoma says carinata-based biofuel passed aviation tests ‘with flying colours’

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — It’s hardier and more drought tolerant than canola and this year was worth $12.50 per bushel plus a grower bonus of $40 per acre. Those kinds of credentials might prompt prairie farmers to sign up for Resonance carinata contracts next year, although details are still being developed. Agrisoma Biosciences contracted 6,700 […] Read more

With less feed wheat available, livestock producers are using more soybean meal in their rations.  |  File photo

Meal demand, tight supply supports oilseed prices

Soybean prices that for years were propped up by strong global oilseed demand are now deriving strength from another commodity. “The meal market is just on fire,” said Pete Meyer, agricultural commodities analyst with PIRA Energy Group. High corn prices and prospects of a short wheat crop in Russia and other Black Sea countries is […] Read more

The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts exceptionally tight U.S. soybean stocks by the end of 2012-13 but some analysts expect that future reports will increase the seeded area estimate and the crop production forecast, easing stock worries.  |  File photo

Oilseed price fall: correction or trend?

First serious challenge to four month rally | Upheaval in Europe shakes bullish market outlook for oilseeds

The numbers were bullish, yet the market did a bearish beat-down on oilseed prices a few days after the May 10 U.S. Department of Agriculture reports. Market analysts are scratching their heads and trying to figure out if something in the supply and demand fundamentals changed. Are oilseed prices returning to earth after their recent […] Read more

Agriculture Canada forecasts 15 million tonnes of production this crop year. | File photo

Tight world supply supports canola price

Global rapeseed and canola supplies will remain tight in 2012-13, providing continued price support for the sister crops, says a leading industry analyst. Oil World is forecasting a marginal 240,000 tonne increase in global rapeseed-canola supplies, which is less than a 0.5 percent bump over already tight 2011-12 levels. “This is mainly attributable to the […] Read more

Agriculture Canada crop outlook: Agriculture Canada expects seeded area will increase this spring thanks to drier conditions. It expects stocks at the end of the current crop year will be tighter than at the close of 2010-11. Canola stocks look exceptionally tight and are forecast to grow only slightly by the end of 2012-13.

Record canola crop forecasted

When does 27 percent seem smaller than nine percent, and nine less than five? The answer: when five, nine and 27 are the percentages that canola, wheat and oats are expected to increase this spring. Those predictions, made by Agriculture Canada, would hit an all-time record for canola but not even get oats acreage back […] Read more