The average soybean yield for Manitoba is generally considered to be about 35 bu. per acre.   |  File photo

Manitoba soybean yields disappointing

With Manitoba farmers starting to bring in their early-maturing soybeans between intermittent rains, they may start to see the toll caused by the dry summer. Many crop analysts are seeing soybean yields below what farmers have enjoyed for the past couple years, but they stress fields are variable and longer season varieties may give different […] Read more

Delays in regulatory approval in Canada and the United States have held back expansion of carinata, but Agrisoma is now hoping to contract and promote the oilseed.  |  File photo

Firm eager to ride the ‘canola train’ with carinata

Agrisoma has USDA approval to sell the meal in the U.S. and European Union and will begin contracting acres next year

Agrisoma has the approvals it needs to proceed with commercializing a new oilseed crop for Western Canada. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given Agrisoma regulatory approval to sell carinata meal in that market. The same data package submitted to the FDA was used to secure European Union approval for the meal, and that […] Read more

With prices in the $14 a bushel range, the crop is as profitable as soybeans, says flax official.  |  File photo

Manitoba growers hope flax acres bounce back

Flax proponents remain hopeful that acreage could rebound this spring in Manitoba. In 2016, flax acres were 64,441 acres, based on Manitoba crop insurance figures. Flaxseed has steadily declined in the province over the last decade. The seeded area was about 250,000 acres in the late 2000s. Instead of flax, many Manitoba growers are opting […] Read more

Analyst thinks grain and oilseed prices will rebound in early 2017. | File photo

Have crop prices hit bottom?

Sean Pratt reports from the Oilseed & Grain Trade Summit in Minneapolis, Minn. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Grain and oilseed prices have bottomed out, say analysts. “I do not think that the soybean market or the corn market will make a new low,” said David Hightower, founder of the Hightower Report. “I think the low is […] Read more

Jasmin Hofer of Energrow in Listowel, Ont., holds soybean pellets from her oilseed press.  |  Michael Raine photo

VIDEO: Milk the oilseeds along with the cows

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Ten years ago, Jasmin Hofer and her father started thinking about why they were growing cash crop soybeans and then buying back expensive soybean meal for their 120 dairy cows. “It seemed like we were leaving some money on the table,” the chief executive officer of Energrow said earlier this year in […] Read more

Analysts expect to see a premium for canola due to tight supply.  |  File photo

Canola-soy spread related to oil content

Some canola growers are wondering why the crop is trading at a discount to soybeans in North America when the two oilseeds are on par in the biggest export market. Canola was at price parity with soybeans in China at the end of December after about a year-and-a-half of trading at a 10 to 15 […] Read more

Canola crushers are feeling the squeeze from slumping vegetable oil prices.  |  File photo

Soybean oil glut sends prices down

Slumping vegetable oil prices have been bad news for canola, says an analyst. Soybean oil futures prices have been on a steady downward slide since 2011, falling to US25 cents per pound from 60 cents. Large crops in the United States and South America, rising oil content in those crops and strong demand for soybean […] Read more

Consumers may start to reach for other oils as canola prices rise and supplies tighten.  |  File photo

Ample veg oil grounds canola rally

Growers may turn purple holding their breath for a further price rally in the yellow crop, says a grain trader. Jerry Klassen, manager of the Canadian office for Swiss firm GAP SA Grains and Produits, thinks canola’s run is over. “If you don’t see strength in the bean oil, I don’t think it can go […] Read more

Most analysts expect American farmers will boost soybean acres. |  File photo

Argentine sales could depress summer market

PHOENIX, Ariz. — A big wild card could depress soybean and canola prices this summer, say analysts. “One of my very good friends is probably one of the greatest traders in the world and he believes we are going to see Argentina release a lot of beans come June, July, August,” said Mark Gold, owner […] Read more

The Canola Council of Canada has set goals for increased production, yields exports and domestic crush.  |  file photo

Huge new goals set for Cinderella crop

26 million tonnes by 2025 | Production goals might be easy compared to market and transportation issues

The Canola Council of Canada says the industry faces a “formidable” challenge meeting its new production target, but others consider the goal attainable. The council’s new objective is to produce 26 million tonnes of canola by 2025, up from 18 million tonnes in 2013. “That’s a bold target, no doubt about it,” said council chair […] Read more