Pleasing everyone difficult: oat breeder

Leggett is bright spot | Farmers want high yields, millers and processors want uniform flakes, consumers want low fat …

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man. — AC Jordan shot up the oat pop charts in Manitoba a few years ago. Farmers loved growing it. Then it collapsed, and now virtually no Jordan is grown. It’s the tragic tale of an unfortunately common situation that occurs when breeders try to meet the needs of farmers, millers, consumers […] Read more

Consider oats despite outlook

Fundamentals bullish | Analyst says prces may ‘explode’ next autumn in there is a shortfall

When the markets tell you to seed almost anything but oats, why seed oats? And when the weather tells you to seed wheat, why sow oats? Those are questions prairie farmers face, and if oat prices don’t rise relative to other crops, many think its acreage could be lower than expected. “We haven’t made up […] Read more