Apps help identify invasive weeds

In March David Andrews, a cattle rancher from Irricana, Alta, took photos of an unusual weed on pastureland near his farm. Andrews suspected that the two-metre-tall weed was palmer amaranth, a weed found in most American states but not in Western Canada, yet. Weed experts in Alberta and Arkansas looked at the photos and concluded […] Read more

With new crops come new weeds, warns U.S. scientist

Andrew Kniss has created a map that jumps off the page. Kniss, a University of Wyoming weed scientist, tweeted out a map this winter that shows the states with palmer amaranth. The weed has destroyed the livelihoods of farmers in Arkansas and is gaining a foothold in the U.S. Midwest. The map shows that palmer […] Read more

Waterhemp found in Manitoba

Waterhemp, a bothersome weed for growers in Iowa and Illinois, is now in Manitoba. The weed was found last fall in a soybean field southeast of Winnipeg. The discovery in the Rural Municipality of Tache may be the first detection of waterhemp in Western Canada. The finding wasn’t a shock because waterhemp has spread throughout […] Read more

Leafy spurge poses environmental threat

Cattle aren’t fond of the plant and eat only three percent, costing producers millions in lower livestock grazing capacity

ELBOW, Sask. ­— It’s not easy grabbing the public’s attention when trying to control a noxious weed such as leafy spurge. “’Eradicate leafy spurge’ is not as attractive as ‘save the pandas,’ ” says Kerry Lowndes, an agri-environmental group plan technician with South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Inc. Lowndes, who helped organize a June 6 […] Read more