Russ and Meslissa Friesen raise yak-cattle crossbreds and sell meat from the Pincher Creek, Alta., farm and specialty stores in Calgary and Edmonton.  |  Friesen photo

Yak meat good earner for Alberta farmers

Demand grows for yak-cattle cross | A meal for royal couple featuring yak meat proved to be good publicity for these Alberta producers

Yaks have been raised as livestock in Alberta for more than 100 years, but some people still wonder if they’re something like an ostrich. “They don’t understand it’s a bovine,” says Russ Friesen, who raises yak-cattle crossbreds with his wife, Melissa, near Pincher Creek, Alta. The Friesen family moved to the area from Saskatchewan in […] Read more

The Autonomous Tractor is a driverless slave power unit. The operator controls it with accuracy down to a fraction of an inch from the master tractor, combine or truck.  |  ATC Illustration

Electric tractor needs no operator

Electrically powered | The 400 h.p. driverless tractor goes into production next spring

FARGO, N.D. — The Spirit Autonomous Tractor uses two diesel engines to power four electric motors, which drive twin rubber tracks. And as the name implies, it’s autonomous. There is no operator. It’s no experimental garden tractor or small scale orchard tractor. It’s a 400 horsepower working tractor aimed at broad acreage prairie farmers who […] Read more

The Outback Max features variable rate and four camera inputs and can show three layers simultaneously as well as access maps directly from remote servers without going through an extra box.  |  Topcon photo

Precision farming info links directly to variable rate terminal

The Outback Max system, which was introduced Aug. 28, gives producers the opportunity to place all their precision farming activities into one package. The variable rate terminal is able to handle many types of data and layer them in ways that were previously done only at the farm office, said Darren Pritchard of Outback. Pritchard […] Read more