Farmers are now paying three times the price of what they used to pay for neonic-treated seed, for an alternative that is less effective. | File photo

How farmers lost the battle over neonics in Ontario

Despite their value to producers, neonicotinoid pesticides have had a rough ride, driven by conflicting research and public backlash. Debra Conlon of Grain Farmers of Ontario described how the public narrative that neonics were killing honeybees stymied farmers’ best efforts to ameliorate the problem. It was determined that dust during seeding, exacerbated by an unusually […] Read more

Jack Gray and Rachel Parkinson study locusts in their lab at the University of Saskatchewan.  |  U of S photo

Neonics can affect insect navigation

Drunk drivers are more likely to get in an accident because the alcohol in their blood impairs vision and delays reaction time. University of Saskatchewan biologists have identified a comparable phenomenon in locusts, when the insects are exposed to a small dose of insecticide. “If you’re crossing an intersection and a car is going to […] Read more