Wildlife views abundant in Jasper

The imposing bull elk runs to the top of the ridge, where it looks over a small herd of females grazing near the riverbank. With a magnificent set of multi-point antlers stretching a metre above its head, the bull is clearly showing off to the gals. It’s the annual fall rut, or breeding season, and […] Read more

Yak meat good earner for Alberta farmers

Demand grows for yak-cattle cross | A meal for royal couple featuring yak meat proved to be good publicity for these Alberta producers

Yaks have been raised as livestock in Alberta for more than 100 years, but some people still wonder if they’re something like an ostrich. “They don’t understand it’s a bovine,” says Russ Friesen, who raises yak-cattle crossbreds with his wife, Melissa, near Pincher Creek, Alta. The Friesen family moved to the area from Saskatchewan in […] Read more

Farm stewardship brings abundance of wildlife

There’s a prevailing perception that modern agriculture is bad for wildlife habitat. That doesn’t mesh with reality, at least not where I farm. Wildlife has never been so variable and plentiful. Twenty years ago, if you told someone that you spotted a moose in southwestern Saskatchewan outside of the Cypress Hills, they would ask what […] Read more