The largest living organism in the world is this honey fungus mushroom found in Oregon. The underground network measures 5.5 miles across and is believed to be more than 2,000 years old.  |  Mississippi State University photo

Humungous fungus is largest living organism on Earth

The largest living terrestrial being on Earth isn’t a whale, elephant or giant sequoya. It’s a 9,000-year old mushroom that measures 5.5 kilometres across and eats fir trees. There’s a total of 10 trillion or more types of soil bacteria. There can be more than a million in a teaspoon of soil. When we narrow […] Read more

A California farm grows five to six million pounds of white button mushrooms a year and 1,000 lb. of oyster mushrooms. | Barbara Duckworth photo

Farming in the dark

ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Roberto Ramirez admits he doesn’t care to eat mushrooms, but he loves the business of growing them. He and business partner Gary Crouch own Mountain Meadows Mushrooms near Escondido, California. The company was established in 1952, and they are the third owners. The operation is smaller than the huge mushroom farms in […] Read more