New municipality considered for Alberta

Flagstaff County and the eight towns and villages within it are considering the formation of a single regional governance model. The area southeast of Edmonton has a dwindling population of about 8,000 people. If a proposal proceeds, Flagstaff County, the towns of Daysland, Hardisty, Killam and Sedgewick and the villages of Forestburg, Heisler, Alliance and […] Read more

RMs want more say on environmental issues

Members of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities complain government has too much oversight

Saskatchewan’s rural municipalities want more control over environmental decisions inside their boundaries. Wayne Black, reeve in the RM of Barrier Valley in the 1990s, returned to the position a couple of years ago. “The biggest difference I’ve noticed since I’ve come back is the loss of control we as municipalities have, mostly in the area […] Read more