The plea could cause consternation in countries opting for natural gas as a cleaner alternative to CO2-belching coal. It also could pose challenges for countries where agriculture and livestock, especially cattle, are important industries. | File photo

To save the planet, focus on cutting methane – U.N. climate report

Aug 9 (Reuters) – In four decades of climate negotiations, the world has focused intensely and exclusively on the most abundant climate-warming gas: carbon dioxide. This year, scientists are urging a focus on another potent greenhouse gas – methane – as the planet’s best hope for staving off catastrophic global warming. Countries must make “strong, […] Read more

The GreenFeed Emission Monitoring System was used to measure methane from cattle during a two-year, large-scale trial in Alberta beef cattle studying a feed additive called 3-NOP. | Supplied photo

Feed additive may reduce methane emissions

Agriculture Canada and Alberta Cattle Feeders Association participated in a two-year trial that studied the technology

A novel feed ingredient may soon provide a breath of fresh air to livestock producers and the environment. A two-year, large-scale trial in Alberta beef cattle has demonstrated that a feed additive called 3-NOP, added to commercial feedlot diets, can reduce methane emissions by up to 80 percent without negative impacts on animal health, performance […] Read more