Microsoft founder Bill Gates has said he is hopeful about the future of meat substitutes and acknowledged he has invested in some companies working on developing the products.
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Powerful investors get behind alternative meat sector

It is not often that the mug shot of Microsoft founder Bill Gates appears in a presentation on agriculture. But that’s what happened during a recent Global Grain webinar about the narrowing of the protein gap in China. Jean-Yves Chow, vice-president of food and beverage with Mizuho Bank Ltd., one of Japan’s largest financial institutions, […] Read more

Impossible Foods product development associate scientist Kyle Okada measures plant-based burgers tailor-made for Burger King at a facility in Redwood City, California.  |   REUTERS/Jane Lanhee Lee photo

Fast food restaurant chain warms up to meatless burger

(Reuters) — Vegetarian burgers may finally be getting the recognition they need to go mainstream. In April, Burger King and Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods announced the rollout of the Impossible Whopper in 59 stores in and around St. Louis, Missouri. To mark the launch, the burger giant released a hidden-camera-style promo video showing the […] Read more

Plant-based patties are being plopped on burger buns across the U.S. as consumers look for meat alternatives. | Reuters photo

Where’s the beef? There is none

CHICAGO, (Reuters) — Burgers made from plants instead of animals are capturing more space on U.S. barbecue grills this summer, fueling sales in the niche products that could reach $5 billion globally by 2020. Plant-based meat foods are now available that include beet juice for colour and canola oil to simulate fat. These changes are […] Read more