Researcher weighs risks of glyphosate for malt barley dry-down

It’s fine to hit malting barley with glyphosate, at least theoretically. But the challenge of doing it in the field in true farming conditions was highlighted by long-time barley researcher John O’Donovan at the Canadian Barley Symposium. “If the farmer does everything right — correct stage, uniform dry-down is achieved — the residue levels will […] Read more

Growing Canadian craft beer sector thirsty for local malt

WINNIPEG — Craft breweries are a growing sub-sector of the Canadian beer industry, but the increased variety of local drink options are not necessarily 100 percent home-grown because a lack of domestically produced specialty malts force brewers to look far afield to meet their needs. “We get our base malt locally, but we don’t have […] Read more

Maltsters, growers form relationships

Malt companies have list of tried and true growers

A specialty crop in Western Canada is usually described as a small acreage crop such as sunflowers and buckwheat, where the vast majority of production is contracted. Malting barley may now fall into that category. “We keep using the word that this is a ‘specialty’ crop. That keeps coming up more and more,” said Kevin […] Read more

Japan looks to Canada for ideal malt barley types

High enzyme activity | Japan and Canada worked together to develop CDC PolarStar

Japanese brewers love Canadian malting barley. They want to keep it that way, but the malt’s got to keep getting better. “We need varieties with distinctive value, brand and positioning.… We can make it through good co-operation,” Kensuke Ogushi, beer ingredients director with Sapporo Breweries, told the Canadian Global Crops Symposium. “Let us continue (to) […] Read more

Barley growers partner with brewery

Contracted for $300 per tonne | California company reaches agreement with Alberta growers to produce custom crop

On May 8, Ross Keller seeded Meredith barley, the first crop in the ground. He already knows what he will be paid for the crop and where it will be sold. The New Norway, Alta., producer is one of 12 farmers who have contracted to sell malt barley to a California brewery for three years. […] Read more

Ample supply hits malting barley

Prices down | World acres are up and several European countries had excellent harvests

Malting barley prices are flagging as European growers appear poised to harvest a better than expected crop and North American farmers plan to plant a lot of barley. “We certainly have seen new crop bids slide on the Prairies to the point where maybe even some companies aren’t offering new crop bids or maybe they’re […] Read more