Passion for industry still strong after 65 years

STRASBOURG, Sask. — Ward Mortenson kept a watchful eye out for enemy ships during the Second World War while serving on board the HMCS Monnow. The Royal Canadian Navy able seaman was responsible for launching depth charges, aimed at destroying German submarines lurking below them in the North Atlantic. The river class frigate, which was […] Read more

Farming, dancing sustain Borden man for a century

Seeing the bright side | Pioneer farmer wasn’t one to lose his temper

BORDEN, Sask. — At the age of 18, John Newbold travelled alone by train to market the family’s cattle with his spending money pinned to the inside of his clothes for safekeeping. The money was intended for a hotel room for the night, but instead he chose to take in a live show and sleep […] Read more

Family squeezes every cent out of a dollar

Waste not, want not | Thrifty couple raised a family by taking off-farm jobs and growing and preserving their food

BIGGAR, Sask. — Ruby and Max Gamble sit next to each other on a pile of old boards in their farmyard. It’s a pleasantly warm spring evening. The planks of wood are weathered grey floorboards pulled piece by piece from an old building Max tore down years ago. Wafting through the air is the occasional […] Read more

Saskatchewan film pays tribute to family, pioneer life

Two Prairie Farmers | Izzy Avraham tells 
stories of farming, family and danger

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. — Three-year-old Tirzah Avraham is the reason her father, Izzy, created a visual tribute to the family’s farming roots. “I want my children to know these stories and feel that connection to Saskatchewan,” said the Prince Albert film producer. “It’s my tribute to my grandparents, one of those labours of love.” Avraham, […] Read more

Farm founder cared more about horses than wheat

IMPERIAL, Sask. — Thomas Burgess didn’t care much for growing crops, but he loved animals. The hunting dog and horse trainer from Marsh Gibhan, Buckinghamshire, England, came to Canada in 1910 to create a farm and home for a growing family that included his wife, Sarah, and children, Jim and Annie May. The family would […] Read more