Empty grocery store shelves are among the factors that some point to when arguing for a wholesale overhaul of the country’s food production.  |  Reuters/Carlos Osorio photo

Will the COVID crisis cause a food revolution?

Innovative technologies are waiting on the shelf, but will they finally be embraced?

There’s been lots of blather about exciting food and agriculture industry technological innovations. “Smart” everything has been talked about for more than a decade. My newspaper has published dozens of stories about the possibilities of blockchain. The “internet of things” is a term buzzing away at every farm and ag conference out there. But it’s […] Read more

As slaughter plants in Canada and the United States reduce line speeds, shifts or effect temporary closures to deal with COVID-19 concerns, analysts say supplies are likely to be affected. | File photo

Will the wild changes in the grocery, food and farming systems survive the pandemic?

What will create lasting changes and what is transitory?

The food, farming and grocery sectors have been shocked by the coronavirus crisis. Packing plants have been temporarily shuttered, creating crises on hog farms and cattle feedlots that can’t move animals they have no space for. Food products that everybody has taken for granted for decades, such as flour and yeast, have become suddenly scarce, […] Read more

Margie Comaling adds lids to jars of raspberry jam at the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre in Saskatoon.  |  William DeKay photo

Prairie growers focus on year-round products

Small-scale producers selling locally grown produce are starting to compete side-by-side with California vegetables on store shelves throughout the cold prairie winters. The Prairies are famous for shipping massive amounts of food and food ingredients around the world, but many prairie residents are used to importing fresh fruits and vegetables to get through winter. Now, […] Read more

Blair Lebsack, chef of the Rge Rd restaurant in Edmonton, shows Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier (right), producer Jason Andersen (centre) and MLA David Shepherd food his restaurant prepares with local ingredients. | Jeremy Simes photo

Alta. aims to bolster local food sector

New provincial legislation will create a local food council and local food week and change organic certification

As demand for food grown and made in Alberta continues to surge, the province is hoping a slight boost to the sector will help it expand further. The province tabled the Supporting Alberta’s Local Food Sector Act in the legislature last week. Once passed, it will allow for the establishment of a local food council, […] Read more

The market value for farmers markets reached $924 million in 2016, which is nearly quadruple the value in 2004.  |  File photo

Local food demand soars in Alberta

Consumers continue to clamour for food produced in the province, but the increased demand come with its challenges

Demand for food grown and made in Alberta continues to be on the upswing, according to a recent provincial survey. The survey, released last September by Alberta Agriculture, shows that the market value for farmers markets reached $924 million in 2016, which is nearly quadruple what the value was in 2004. As well, the report […] Read more

Mill Maximets founded her Solberry company almost as an afterthought as she followed her desire to adopt the eating ethics of her childhood, when her grandmother taught her all about foods' nutritional and medicinal properties. | Ed White photo

VIDEO: A practical outlook

Manitoba entrepreneur applies personal philosophy about using local, healthy foods
to create thriving business

As a rich, marzipan-like scent wafts out of a tiny container of brass-gold oil that she is holding, Mila Maximets muses on years of painstaking efforts to use all parts of the tart cherries she processes. “I’m not into juices,” said Maximets, who has been manufacturing a seabuckthorn puree for five years and has just […] Read more

Chef Blair Lebsack is owner of The Butchery and Rge Rd restaurant in Edmonton.  |  Detour Photography photo

Restaurant gets food from the source

As a young chef, Blair Lebsack questioned why most food arrived in boxes on a truck from a central supply depot. “I always asked the driver where it came from and he didn’t know,” he said. Lebsack had grown up on a mixed farm near Red Deer where they raised livestock and garden produce for […] Read more

John and Robin Acton in the greenhouse at Lower Shannon Farms near Lloydminster, Sask.  |  Karen Briere photo

Farmers launched bold plan

LLOYDMINSTER, Sask. — If it’s true that the first five years in business are the toughest, then John and Robin Acton must wonder what lies ahead for their Lower Shannon Farms. Three years ago they took a chance that people in northwestern Saskatchewan would appreciate and, more importantly, buy locally grown produce year-round. They were […] Read more

Christina Willard-Stepan operates Seeds Natural Food Market in Cumberland, B.C. Items in the store are labelled to identify those that came from local, provincial and international producers.  |  Karen Morrison photo

Business booming in B.C.’s Comox Valley

CUMBERLAND, B.C. — Christina Willard-Stepan does the heavy lifting and leg work at Seeds Natural Food Market so that her customers don’t have to. The owner of the seven-year-old boutique-style natural food market in Cumberland describes her customers as buyers particular about what they eat. “They prefer knowing about their groceries and knowing the farmer […] Read more