Grazing co-op buys historic Alberta ranch

Conservation easement planned | Purchase of ranch expands Waldron Grazing Co-operative operations to 65,000 acres

It will take a few days and a few good horses to ride all the way across southern Alberta’s Waldron Ranch, now that it has expanded to 65,000 acres. In an $11.25 million deal that was expected to be finalized April 7, the Waldron Grazing Co-operative bought 14,000 acres of deeded and leased property, plus […] Read more

Back-up plan vital when winter swath grazing

Flexibility is key | Producers say feeding cattle in the field is effective but a Plan B is required when something goes wrong

AIRDRIE, Alta. — Producers must be flexible and have a back-up plan if they’re going to switch from feeding hay bales in a feed yard to other alternatives. Scott Copley of Airdrie said producers must “assess, adapt and reassess” when adopting alternative feeding systems in the winter especially when the weather goes bad. Copley was […] Read more

Course teaches truckers on livestock

Public face of industry | Program has worked with 1,700 livestock truckers since it was started in Alberta in 2007

Livestock truck transport is a common sight on prairie highways and one of few fleeting connections many consumers will ever make with animal agriculture. That’s one reason it is important to ensure livestock truckers are well trained in proper transport of their live cargo, says one industry expert. But the most important reason is the […] Read more

Northern producers struggle with elk problems

Feed losses costly | There are also reports of elk killing horses and ruining bales in farmers’ yards.

SPIRIT RIVER, Alta. — Tony and Pat Evans say herds of rampaging elk have left them with no options but to sell their horses. The couple from northwestern Alberta say they have fought off elk that eat their hay, smash their fences and kill their animals for more than 12 years. “We’re going to have […] Read more

Farmers dispute antibiotics study

Data incorrect? Ontario Medical Association calls for a ban on preventive use of antibiotics 
in animal agriculture while CCA says there is little evidence that animal antibiotics are a problem

Farm groups are fighting back in the wake of an Ontario Medical Association call to ban the preventive medicine use of farm antibiotics and stricter controls on the drugs overall. The OMA plans to publish a study March 30 that argues human resistance to antibiotics is a growing health crisis and overuse of antibiotics in […] Read more

Sask. family sells Simmental for $190K

Prize bull | SVS Captain Morgan sets North American record price for purebred sire

A black Simmental bull from Sask-atchewan has sold for $190,000, a North American record. SVS Captain Morgan 11Z, raised by Sunny Valley Simmentals of Hanley, Sask., had already garnered a lot of attention before sale day March 6. The Dimler family of Double Bar D Farms in Grenfell, Sask. was the new owner when the […] Read more

Move afoot to change coyotes from pests to predators in Alta.

Lamb and calf losses from coyotes in Alberta have prompted two producer groups to investigate changes to coyotes’ designation under provincial regulations. Alberta Lamb Producers and Alberta Beef Producers think designating coyotes as predators rather than pests could enable them to be compensated for lamb and calf losses. It might also allow Alberta Fish and […] Read more

Herd expansion hangs on feed supply

Beef numbers down | Ranchers will be looking to rebuild herds, says CCA president

The Canadian beef herd remains stable at 12.3 million cattle with some regional expansion happening in the West. The Statistics Canada herd inventory report for Jan. 1 said numbers had gone up by about half a percent from last year with fewer beef cows but some increase in heifer retention. However, with more cows going […] Read more

New strategy needed for beef sector

Canada’s beef sector is at a tipping point. Although the sector generates $6 billion in farmgate sales and represents 15 percent of the country’s total agricultural production, we are at risk of becoming a net importer of beef from the United States. Our beef and cattle trade with the U.S. is vital, but our trade […] Read more

Alberta sale puts youth in spotlight

OLDS, Alta. — An annual spring event in Olds may be the best deal around for kids who like to show cattle. Canada’s richest Youth Steer and Heifer Show has offered thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes since it started five years ago. The show attracts youth younger than 21 from across Alberta, and […] Read more