General Mills says it is changing the label on the box, but the cereal itself still meets the gluten-free criteria.  |  File photo

Cheerios to drop gluten-free label in Canada

Breakfast cereal maker General Mills has confirmed that it will voluntarily remove “gluten-free” labels from Cheerios products effective Jan. 1. The company announced the labels will be removed on all Cheerios products sold in Canada until Canadian regulators develop consistent testing protocols that provide reasonable assurance that all products containing gluten-free labels are in fact, […] Read more

Blackleg infected canola, right, can restrict Canadian canola exports.  | File photo

Canola labels to take Aussie approach to fight blackleg

Canadian agriculture doesn’t import much from Australia, but the canola industry plans to adopt the Aussie approach to blackleg resistance ratings in the next year-and-a-half. Instead of Canada’s present simple but misleading R and S ratings, the new system will break the R and S rating categories into families according to what genes offer resistance […] Read more

The company will be using milk from cows fed non-GM grains and oilseeds to make its non-GM verified cheese.
 | File photo

What’s in a name?

Non-genetically modified certified cheese will be available for sale at Canadian grocery stores sometime in 2017. But the company behind the new product wants to make something clear: It won’t be selling non-GM cheese. It’s more complicated. The company will be using milk from cows fed non-GM grains and oilseeds to make its non-GM verified […] Read more

Speculation that the incoming U.S. administration would bring back country of origin labels has raised concern in Canada. | File photo

Canadian cattle group urges trade fight if Trump imposes unfair labels

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Nov 16 (Reuters) – Canadian cattle producers will urge Ottawa to retaliate against the United States if the incoming Trump administration imposes a meat labelling program Canada views as discriminatory, restarting a six-year trade battle, an industry group said on Wednesday. U.S. news network CNN reported on Tuesday that a memo drafted by […] Read more

Trust issues: consumers more apt to trust opinions of friends, family over scientists

Barb Glen reports from the farm & food care conference in Ottawa about public opinion and agricultural policy OTTAWA — Amid concerns about pesticide, antibiotic and hormone residues in food, there’s one additive the public embraces: adjectives. Organic, new season, free range, environmentally friendly, heritage — all these descriptors are used on food products to […] Read more

Food labels give consumers final say

In Canada, consumers and producers are used to terms like cage-free eggs, pasture-raised cattle, and other positive welfare attributes adorning products on grocery store shelves. These labels have appeared on egg cartons and other products for decades, aimed at conscious consumers who want to ensure animals have the chance to move. Globally, methods of production […] Read more