Mr. Investor, meet Mr. Farmer

There’s a new group of investors out there who have a fresh look at the potential of Canadian agriculture

CALGARY — Prairie farmers have relied on borrowed money since 1812 when the first Selkirk settlers ran lines of credit to buy axes, seed and supplies from the Hudson Bay company. Since then, sources of farm credit have expanded to include banks and credit unions, along with federal and provincial governments. As land and input […] Read more

Patience can pay off

CALGARY — It’s a big job finding investors who will put millions of dollars of patient capital into a farm expansion scheme they’ve never seen in person. “Patient capital is money that can sit somewhere for a long time to create value,” says Joelle Faulkner, founder and chief executive officer of Area One Farms, a […] Read more

Think long-term on land prices

Determining land values | Prices should not be based on recent high profits

St. JEAN BAPTISTE, Man. — The difference between last year’s and this year’s crop prices reveals the danger of basing land prices on short-term returns, says a Manitoba Agriculture farm profitability expert. As well, he said if farmers don’t adopt a longer-term view, they’ll be vulnerable to repeated errors in making farmland purchase decisions. “Last […] Read more

Investment in rural Prairies must accompany growth

After reading some of the headlines that were written immediately following the release of the 2011 census results earlier this month, it would have been easy to conclude that the population of rural Canada had plummeted. Most media reported that the rural population continues to decline, and in proportion to the urban population, that is […] Read more