Calf Cage protects rancher from mad mom

BRANDON — Calving is dangerous. It’s cold, slippery and often dark, and mama cow doesn’t want anybody touching the newborn. Producers get hurt every year during calving season, and some years there are fatalities. However, intervention is necessary if producers want a high survival rate, and the risk of working around a belligerent cow is […] Read more

Dairy device designed for early disease detection

GryphSens machine uses a drop of cow’s blood to test for diseases that can cause inflammation or reduce immunity response

The University of Guelph has developed a device that promises to make testing easier for two different dairy diseases. The GryphSens is a device that allows diary producers to test for non-esterified fatty acid (NEFA) and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHBA) in their animals without having to send samples to a laboratory. “If the farmers have the opportunity […] Read more

VIDEO: Farmer thinks outside the line with fencing machine design

Inventor says anchors keep posts in place, allowing the fence line 
to follow riverbanks and hills and around bluffs of trees

SUNDRE, Alta. — Lloyd Quantz has designed a farmers’ fencing dream machine. His fencer shakes the posts into the ground in three seconds, drills holes into the post, threads the wire automatically and moves onto the next one. The design for Quantz’s automatic fencer was 30 years in his head. Each time he built a […] Read more

Dutch hog farmer bucks the brokers

At least one Dutch hog producer is bucking the broker system of buying and selling manure. The Nistelrode farm is an 1,800 sow to weanling operation that produces 2.4 million gallons of manure a year. The owner does not want to depend on a broker who can dictate the prices and conditions of manure deals. […] Read more

Four-year-old spurs idea for new rock picker

FARGO, N.D. — Any rock picker designed to shake off mud and trash will also do a pretty good job of shaking the operator off his seat. Turning that vibrating, shaking action into the kind of rotating action that originally came out of the hydraulic motor might do a better job of removing debris and […] Read more

Crazy ideas can lead to great things

In 2001, Serge Auray was watching a report on Britain’s foot-and-mouth outbreak, a horrific crisis in which 10 million sheep and cows were culled and then burned on pastures they once grazed. “I’m watching this and I say to my wife, ‘we can visit the moon but we can’t prevent the spread of this disease. […] Read more

Medical invention a legacy

Cobalt machine | The betatron, dubbed The Bomb, zaps cancerous tumours

Harold Johns and Allan Blair dropped in unannounced one day in 1946 to visit Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas. They had a proposal. Johns, a physicist at the University of Saskatchewan who supervised radium and X-ray therapy equipment, and Blair, director of Saskatchewan Cancer Services, were pioneering new radiation therapies. They needed permission to buy a […] Read more