Rake leaves off the lawn and use them as mulch to protect plants from winter damage.  |  Albert Parsons photo

Cosy blanket keeps plants happy

Making sure the plants in our gardens come through the winter without damage requires careful planning. Hopefully the first necessary action — choosing plants that are suited to your growing zone — took place months ago. If you have a lot of zone 3 and 4 plants in your garden and you live in zone […] Read more

For a hardy perennial that produces the purest of white bloom over a long period of time in the late summer, consider David, the 2002 perennial plant of the year.  |  Albert Parsons photo

Phlox delivers long-lasting, fragrant autumn blooms

New plant introductions always cause a stir in the gardening community. David, a perennial phlox panticulata that was introduced about 15 years ago, has lived up to the hype. Perennial phlox is a dependable and versatile plant that is a long bloomer, hardy, long-lived, low maintenance and self-supporting. It is a mainstay of the late […] Read more