Lena Gahwi, left, Shetha Roomi, Naomi Finseth, Gemma Mendez-Smith and Oliver Pryce spoke recently at a conference about promoting rural areas to new immigrants.  |  Jeffrey Carter photo

Immigration programs target rural Canada

BLYTH, Ont. — Manitoba is having success attracting more immigrants to its rural communities, says Naomi Finseth of Brandon University’s Rural Development Institute. “We have been able to get 20 percent of newcomers arriving to Manitoba to settle in rural areas — that’s everywhere outside of Winnipeg,” she told the recent Rural Talks to Rural […] Read more

Low German Mennonites have become a key component to southwestern Ontario’s agricultural success as both labourers and farm operators.
|  Jeffrey Carter photo

Mennonites form important rural backbone

While many come to work during harvest, some Low German Mennonites are starting to make Ontario their permanent home

LEAMINGTON, Ont. — Low German-speaking Mennonites have become an integral and vital part of southwestern Ontario, but also remain, in many respects, a people apart. Perhaps 25 percent of the 40,000 in the region are migratory, moving north for agricultural work in spring and then back to their homes in Latin America following the harvest. […] Read more

Mila Maximets of Solberry in Manitoba was sampling her sea buckthorn purees at the SIAL food trade show in Toronto April 30-May 2.  |  Karen Morrison photo

Immigration brings new opportunities

Ethnic strategies needed | Canadian food markets poised to expand to cater to new populations and different palates

TORONTO — The changing face of Canada represents a $5 billion opportunity for enterprising producers. Bernice Cheung, ethnic practice lead for Nielsen Canada, said studies show one in three people in Canada will be a visible minority by 2031. She told the Salon international de l’alimentation (SIAL) food trade show here April 30 that the […] Read more