Older members of Hutterite colonies often do the lighter chores like mowing grass, watering trees, gardening and cleaning. For others, it is a time to travel and visit friends and relatives. | Mary MacArthur photo

Long-time colony boss finds time to retire

Mike Tschetter of the Camrose Colony has retired from his job as farm boss but not from helping out where he’s needed

CAMROSE, Alta. — After 48 years as farm manager, Mike Tschetter has retired, sort of. While Tschetter is no longer making the daily farm decisions on the Camrose Hutterite Colony he still works at the jobs he likes. “I do what I like to do and I like what I do,” said Tschetter, 79. Like […] Read more

Hutterite boys collect garlic seed in the colony garden in preparation for next year’s crop.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Bringing in the crop

Members of the Parkland Hutterite colony are harvesting the bounty of their vegetable crops. From garlic and cucumbers to corn, they store and sell their garden produce. | Mike Sturk photos

The Saskatc​​hewan Health Authority is declaring a COVID-19 outbreak in two Hutterit​e communities in the Rural Municipality of Maple Creek (No. 111). | Screencap via Saskatchewan/ca

COVID-19 found at Hutterite colonies

Two Hutterite colonies in southwestern Saskatchewan are dealing with an outbreak of COVID-19. The Saskatchewan Health Authority said that two members of a colony in the Rural Municipality of Maple Creek tested positive last week. Another 14 were confirmed yesterday. Contact tracing is underway in the RM and the possibility of travel to Alberta is […] Read more

Michael Walter walks his irrigation equipment across one of the vegetable gardens at the Cayley Hutterite colony.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Yes, Hutterites do pay taxes

Hutterites and Hutterite colonies pay income taxes. In fact, they often pay more than their non-Hutterite farming neighbours. “It’s a very common myth,” said MNP regional managing partner and certified professional accountant Gord Tait. “The biggest myth … is that Hutterites don’t pay income tax or that they pay significantly less than others. “It is […] Read more