Weather anything but boring

I have been following the weather in Singapore for the past three months. (That’s your cue to say, “Oh, really?”) Yes, it’s true, and not only that, it’s fascinating. You know what they say about weather on the Prairies: if you don’t like it, just wait 10 minutes. In Singapore’s case, that would have to […] Read more

Chiropractor gets kink out of cowboy

I’m not someone who runs to the doctor without a darn good reason. I don’t know if it’s cowboy stoicism, frugality, fear, stubbornness or the distance to the doctor, but I usually just stay put and tough it out. It’s not a recommended attitude given the importance of preventive care, I know. However, I do […] Read more

The good old days aren’t always the good old days

My favourite story in Western People wasn’t even a story in Western People. Not exactly. It was a letter to the editor (me), but the little magazine didn’t publish letters to the editor. It was little, you see. I believe I already said that. Anyway, this letter arrived one fine day from a gentleman in […] Read more

Do violent video games spawn mass murderers?

A while back, I was getting beat up all the time. Then I began to study video fighting games in earnest. Now when my arch enemy turns into water, slides over to me, then refreezes and gives me an uppercut, I retaliate with my Heaven’s Drop super move, just to soften him up before wielding […] Read more

Helping those down and out

One thing recent times have created in abundance is consultants. But they go back a long way. A long way. In the Old Testament, Abiathar was the son of Ahimelech, a priest. He fled during a slaughter of priests under King Saul and became a religious consultant to David, who at the time was an […] Read more

With all this blogging going on, has writing gone to the dogs?

Well, that’s depressing. I have a blog on a site called WordPress, where every day there is a blurb along the lines of: “The best of 329,820 bloggers, 754,441 new posts, 467,400 comments, & 156,067,071 words posted today on” One hundred fifty-six million, sixty-seven thousand and seventy-one words. In one day. That might be […] Read more

All work, no play …

Got a new video game. Put it in the PlayStation game hole. (Didn’t Homer Simpson call his garage a car hole?) A message appears: The system software of your PS3 system is version 3.60. To start, you must update to version 3.70 or later. Do you want to update now? Well, not really, but since […] Read more