A monument to the great racehorse Seattle Slew stands in front of the stallion barns at Three Chimneys Farm, which consists of 2,300 acres and offers boarding, marketing and breeding services to Thoroughbred owners.  |  Barbara Duckworth photo

Star stallions live in luxury at Kentucky stable

Three Chimneys Farm | Kentucky’s Clay family has built a large, diversified business

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Graceful Thoroughbreds grazing emerald green pastures behind well tended fences are a common sight in rural Kentucky. Three Chimneys Farm has been a part of that landscape for 40 years, growing from 100 acres to a 2,300 acre operation. It has housed world famous stallions, including Kentucky Derby winners, which this year […] Read more

Allowing horses to graze on winter pastures can be challenging for the animals if there is too much snow or ice. | File photo

Horses grazing in pasture must be monitored: expert

Too much of a good thing | New grass should be introduced slowly

RED DEER — Life in a pasture can be nearly ideal for a horse. Pasture is a good source of nutrients and grazing provides exercise and allows horses to exhibit normal behaviour, said equine specialist Bob Coleman from the University of Kentucky. Keeping mature horses on pasture can help them maintain their proper weight. They […] Read more

With new interests and activities for today’s youth, horse breeder Frank Merrill says equine organizations have seen a significant decline in youth participation.  |  File photo

Horse enthusiasts look to revive youth interest

Numbers declining | New initiatives launched to revive interest and participation among children under 13

RED DEER — Singer Willy Nelson once crooned that his heroes were always cowboys, but that is not likely the case anymore for young people. This changing interest has had a profound impact on the equine industry because fewer people are interested in riding and owning horses. Longtime horse breeder and trainer Frank Merrill said […] Read more

John Lukacs of Olds, Alta., checks his messages before heading into the auction ring at the annual Western Horse Sale held in Red Deer Sept. 28.  |  Barbara Duckworth photo

Attendance doubles at this year’s Alta. horse sale

Western Horse Sale in Red Deer | Sale features a variety of horses, from elite cutters to animals suitable for children

RED DEER — Friday night at the horse sale is a good time to socialize and do some trading. Seventeen years organizing the Western Horse Sale in Red Deer has allowed Elaine Speight to watch the highs and lows of the western performance horse business. More than 300 registered buyers attended this year’s sale Sept. […] Read more

SR Dellta Force is a national champion Arabian and one of Sandy and Gord Hester's prized animals. The couple own about 35 horses and train and board several others of all breeds at S.R. Horse Training near Fort Macleod, Alberta. | Barb Glen photo

Love of horses keeps trainer going after fire

FORT MACLEOD, Alta. — Casino, Jethro, Jello, Tango, Solo and Yoyo are the welcoming committee at S.R. Horse Training. The dogs greet visitors with barks and friendly nudges in a yard that smells of fresh lumber and potted petunias. The large arena and new shelters stand where charred wreckage squatted in January after a fire […] Read more

Dental care is an essential component of routine horse health. Improper tooth wear can shorten a horse’s life.  |  Jamie Rothenburger photo

Poor horse dental care causes weight loss, shortens life

Horses require routine dental care to maintain function and prevent painful oral diseases. When performance deteriorates, whether it is abnormal head carriage, extreme sidedness or head tossing, look for a physical cause. The mouth is a good place to start. Horse teeth erupt continually throughout their lives. They are literally long in the tooth. The […] Read more

Vaccines prevent horse fatalities

With the lengthening of days and promise of warmer weather, it’s the time of year to formulate and implement an appropriate vaccination program for horses before mosquito and horse competition seasons. Most horse owners are familiar with the three-way vaccine, which is designed to protect horses against eastern and western equine encephalomyelitis viruses and tetanus. […] Read more

dson of Texas, left, travel North America to teach riding skills.  |  Barbara Duckworth photo

Equine educators never stop learning

Red Deer’s Mane Event clinic | Couple teaches relaxation, harmony and balance for rider and horse

RED DEER — Michael and Tiffany Richardson consider themselves horsemanship educators rather than trainers. “I am a student of the horse, and that has allowed me some wonderful opportunities,” Michael said after a horsemanship clinic at the Mane Event held in Red Deer April 27-29. “We never stop learning and that is why we don’t […] Read more

Horse owners must change parasite management

Horse owners must change parasite management

With increasing parasite resistance and few new products on the market, fecal egg counts are used to design a control program

RED DEER — A new approach to parasite control has emerged as horse owners deal with resistance and the resurfacing of old pests. “Some of the drugs we have used for awhile are starting to see resistance,” said veterinarian David Ellefson at the Mane Event, an equine show held in Red Deer April 27-29. “Every […] Read more

Owners suffer a sense of loss and need to be treated with respect and compassion after the death of a horse.  An Alberta business aims to provide support to owners and horses.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Saying goodbye to Flicka

Alberta Farm Animal Care has the following recommendations for euthanizing horses and handling the bodies.

It was time to let the horse go. The owner and her husband met at the boarding facility near Water Valley, Alta., where the horse had lived its last years. The owner said her goodbye. Blinded by tears, she walked into nearby woods, trailed by her husband who was offering comfort. When she came back, […] Read more