Study shows farmers are reducing antimicrobial use

Ontario hog farms that participated in a voluntary antimicrobial benchmarking project reduced their use of antimicrobials by 18 percent over two years. The results of the Ontario Pork Industry Council study show what can be done when farmers actually know their antimicrobial use and the practices of their peers, says Dr. Greg Wideman, a veterinarian […] Read more

Data gathering boosts swine efficiency

Daniel Roelands had little confidence in the accuracy of the numbers on his metered feed mill when it came to measuring swine feed volumes. So last year he and his family — he farms with his wife and parents near London, Ont. — replaced the mill with a new computerized one that works on weight […] Read more

Sizzling Canadian hog market waits on new US plants

WINNIPEG, June 2 (CNS) – Prices for Canadian hogs are enjoying a seasonal bump as consumers prepare for the summer grilling season. In Canada, the Signature #5 Maple Leaf Index daily price was listed at C$179.68 per 100 kilograms on May 26. That price was up $1.11 compared to the week previous, according to data […] Read more

VIDEO: Make hog barn conversion choices before 2024: expert

Waiting until 2023 to choose what to do with an old sow barn might be a bad decision. Mark Fynn, a Manitoba Pork Council animal care specialist, said numerous farmers will probably be replacing or renovating barns to beat the 2024 national open housing deadline, and there might not be enough construction companies available to […] Read more

Manitoba gov’t seeks to repeal hog barn moratorium

Manitoba’s hog barn moratorium might finally be purged, and a host of other farming challenges might become simpler if the provincial government has its way. The Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act would hit many areas of regulation and legislation that affect farmers, including: “remove general prohibitions from the Environment Act for the expansion […] Read more

Hog producers seek ways to trim energy costs

New study includes recommendations for energy-efficient boilers, larger or variable drive fans and LED lighting

A recent study of 38 Alberta hog operations showed energy costs could be trimmed by an average of 26 percent. Alberta Pork commissioned Dandelion Renewables, an energy consulting firm, to study hog barn energy costs and suggest potential ways for producers to reduce them. Steve Gladwin, director of engineering for the company, took inventories of […] Read more

‘Stay tuned’ for major hog barn changes

Manitoba’s government will soon introduce “major changes” in hog barn development, the province’s agriculture minister says. However, it won’t reveal details until it has finalized its lengthy policy development process. “Stay tuned,” Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler told reporters at Manitoba Ag Days in Brandon Jan.17. “Very soon you’ll see some major changes happening on that […] Read more

Manitoba rewrites hog barn regulations

Manitoba is removing “impractical and costly” regulations in an effort to revive its hog industry. This morning, Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler announced changes to rules for farm buildings, which should simplify the construction and renovation of hog barns. Dan Mazier, Keystone Agricultural Producers president, praised the regulatory change. “KAP is extremely pleased with this announcement […] Read more

Hog explosion threatens profits

The U.S. growth in production is not keeping pace with exports, and analyst warns of a price correction

CALGARY — China and the United States are both increasing hog production, and that has major implications for the Canadian pork industry, says an agricultural analyst. Brett Stuart, chief executive officer of Global AgriTrends in Denver, predicts that China will add 1.7 million tonnes of pork production next year and reduce its imports as a […] Read more

Pampered Canadian pigs feed Japan’s hunger for pricey pork

WINNIPEG/TOKYO (Reuters) — Thousands of pigs bound for Japan are getting five-star treatment on select Canadian farms. Japan’s growing appetite for pricey pork cuts is driving Canadian and U.S. fresh pork exports to record levels, spurring producers to use every advantage to gain market share. Most of Olymel’s pigs eat pedestrian wheat and barley fare, […] Read more