If all the hog barns in Manitoba were gone tomorrow about one to two percent less phosphorus would flow into Lake Winnipeg, according to Don Flaten, University of Manitoba soil scientist and nutrient management expert. | Robert Arnason photo

Hog production protest misses the mark

In my 15 years as a journalist, I’ve spoken to more than 150 people who lead environmental groups and animal welfare organizations in Canada. It’s difficult to tell over the phone, but my instincts tell me that most of these folks are good people. They sincerely believe in their causes, saving bees or halting the […] Read more

Self-driving cars may become the catalyst for using pigs to create human organs, Nikolas Badminton told a packed house at Ontario’s London Swine Conference earlier this year.
 | Roman Boed/Flickr.com photo

Self-driving cars could affect pig production: futurist

A drop in deaths from car accidents could mean a shortage of organs for transplant, and pig organs could be used for gene-editing

With the growth in vegetarianism and the rise of laboratory-engineered meat substitutes, the future of hog production may lie as much in medical research as it does on the dinner plate, says a Canadian futurist. Self-driving cars may become the catalyst for using pigs to create human organs, Nikolas Badminton told a packed house at […] Read more

The Manitoba government’s lifting of the moratorium on hog barn construction has producers optimistic about the future.  |  File photo

Manitoba hog industry gears up for growth

The ice is breaking up in the frozen Manitoba hog farming industry with dozens of new barns expected in coming years. “We are getting calls almost daily,” Mike Teillet, the Manitoba Pork Council’s manager of sustainable development, said during the organization’s annual meeting April 5. The council is expecting 50 to 100 new and replacement […] Read more

Ross Duffield was raised on a Pennsylvania dairy farm and is now raising rare cross-breed pigs at the Rodale Institute.  |  Rodale Institute photo

Pasture pigs bring home the bacon

GUELPH, Ont. — Ross Duffield’s farm-raised pragmatism led him to adopt confinement housing strategies in pastured-pig production systems at the Rodale Institute. Four years ago, Duffield was hired as farm manager at the Pennsylvania research farm. Two years ago, he led work to complete a 96-by-40-foot, fabric-covered housing facility surrounded by eight acres of pasture. […] Read more

Most of the Ontario farms on which porcine epidemic diarrhea has been found have either eliminated the virus or have plans to do so this year.  |  File photo

More PED found in Ontario

Three new cases of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus were reported on Ontario hog farms in January. One new case was confirmed Jan. 15 in a farrow to partial finish operation in Bruce County, a second was confirmed Jan. 21 in a Huron County finishing barn and a third was confirmed Jan. 28 in another Bruce […] Read more

Hog premium sought for not using drug

Going ractopamine-free will cost producers money

Alberta Pork is pressing processors to provide compensation for producers who forego the use of ractopamine in hog finishing rations. The feed additive is used to increase leaner carcasses desired by consumers, but export customers Russia and China will no longer accept pork from animals fed ractopamine. Darcy Fitzgerald, executive director of Alberta Pork, said […] Read more

Gestating sow crates may one day be replaced by group housing in North American hog production | File photo.

Sow stall ban issue dominates discussion at world pork expo

DES MOINES, Iowa — There was a lot of defiance and defensiveness about sow stalls at this year’s World Pork Expo. “We’re tired of these announcements that have been made (by restaurant and grocery chains) simply as a get-out-of-jail card that really have no meaning or anything behind them,” U.S. National Pork Producers Council vice- […] Read more