Protestors target hog manure

It was supposed to be a rally against changes to manure management regulations in Manitoba. But the lunchtime rally, held Oct. 11 in Winnipeg, sounded more like a protest against “industrial hog production” in Canada. Speakers at the event, including an MLA from the NDP, talked about the evils of factory farms and how Canada […] Read more

Open housing requires new way of thinking

Two types of creature need to be trained and treated right in an open housing sow barn: pigs and people. Both have to behave differently in an open housing system, and getting that right will have a big impact on the success or struggles of an operation. “You’ve got to sift through it carefully and […] Read more

Manitoba’s hog industry set to grow

The population of Neepawa, Man., has grown 27 percent since 2011. The main cause: immigrants settling in the central Manitoba town to work in the local hog slaughter plant. “It does have quite an impact,” Mayor Adrian de Groot said while talking about both the HyLife plant and the hog industry, which he hopes to […] Read more