Disease management helps reduce pregnancy losses

Pregnancy loss is a natural process, but good herd health and nutrition management can keep it to a minimum. Three percent of cows lose their pregnancy for a myriad of reasons, said veterinarian Steve Hendrick of Coaldale, Alta., who works with cow-calf and feedlot clients. “I recognize that wrecks can still happen even in the […] Read more

Young bulls need protein

Feeding a bull a proper diet early in its life is critical to how it performs as a sire, says Dr. John Kastelic, head of the University of Calgary’s department of production animal health. Studies have shown that bulls that get their full energy and protein requirements, or more, have larger testes and therefore will […] Read more

Count the days to find reproductive success

Finding the best heifers to keep in a cow herd comes down to the magic numbers 65, 20 and 10. Dr. Nathan Erickson of the University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine says the best heifers are the most fertile, stay in the herd and fit a producer’s goals. Reproductive success is critical to […] Read more