Exercise good for aging brains

New study links exercise, healthier brains | Seniors can lower health risks by staying active

They pulled on their sweat pants, laced up their runners and agreed to get off their fannies and exercise. Within three months, 125 older men and women participating in a University of Calgary study saw positive results. The study, which examined the effects of exercise and blood circulation, sought people who exercised little. After three […] Read more

New health centre planned for Regina

Rural residents in southern Saskatchewan will be going back to the Plains for health care. Premier Brad Wall recently announced that a new Plains Surgery and Outpatient Care Centre will be located across the road from the former Plains Hospital in Regina, which closed in 1998 after a bitter debate. The new centre will serve […] Read more

Beware of food and drug interactions

A little grapefruit in the morning could be the source of a few aches and pains later in the day. It’s a problem that can occur when the fruit is consumed alongside some commonly prescribed medications, said Saskatoon pharmacist Amanda Jacobson. She said the fruit can interact with medications, including those taken for cholesterol management, […] Read more

Fescue strain poses danger to pregnant stock

LINDELL BEACH, B.C. — A strain of tall fescue known as Kentucky 31 has proven to be a hazardous forage grass for brood mares. Pregnant mares that have grazed on this tall fescue grass, especially in their last months of gestation, have longer pregnancies, difficult births, still births, poor milk let-down, thickened placenta, difficulty breeding […] Read more

Pesticide ban position questioned

Charity defends stance | Canadian Cancer Society says some studies suggest pesticides increase risk

When the Manitoba government announced plans for a cosmetic pesticide ban in early February, it cited research done by several health organizations to justify its new policy on pesticides. One of them was the Canadian Cancer Society, which has spent thousands and possibly millions of donor dollars on anti-pesticide information and advocacy. Yet on its […] Read more

U of S team in search of breeding efficiency

Developing a fertility test | Researchers have identified fertility protein, now seek to give producers a tool to apply that knowledge

University of Saskatchewan re-searchers are closing in on a test that would make it easier to gauge bull fertility. Mary Buhr, dean and professor at the university’s agriculture college, has been working on sperm and fertility issues for several years, researching how to better preserve sperm for artificial insemination. That work has evolved into a […] Read more

Writing a prescription for health care

Saskatchewan’s health regions are working to change the way they deliver patient services, with the goal of ending wait times and ensuring services are available when patients need them. That would be good news for rural residents who sometimes find their hospitals closed or wander through a maze of appointments and waiting rooms to get […] Read more