Many cattle producers, especially in southern Saskatchewan, are going to have to scratch around to find feed this winter. | File photo

Hay shortage could make winter feeding difficult in Sask.

Many cattle producers looking for local feed this winter might have a difficult time, says Saskatchewan Agriculture’s provincial forage specialist. Terry Kowalchuk of Saskatchewan Agriculture said many cattle producers, especially in southern areas, are going to have to scratch around to find feed this winter. Kowalchuk said localized shortages will prompt industrious producers to find […] Read more

Continued hot weather may dry up pastures and force livestock producers to put cattle on hay several weeks earlier than normal.  |  Wendy Dudley photo

Brace for hay shortage, price hike

Hay prices are above average in Saskatchewan and may get higher this fall. If a number of factors come together, prices could spike. Most forage sellers are now asking five to eight cents per pound, with most of the hay trading closer to five cents. Trewett Chaplin, a livestock producer from Craik, Sask., thinks prices […] Read more

Alfalfa hay production increased by four percent this year in the western U.S. despite a drop in demand from California dairies, which switched from alfalfa hay to cheaper alternatives.  |  File photo

Stocks, feed switching limit California hay price

Analyst Seth Hoyt says one question has been on the top of farmers’ minds lately: why are alfalfa hay prices falling in California when it is in the midst of its fourth consecutive year of drought. Growers recall a severe drought in Texas about five years ago that pushed top quality hay prices up to […] Read more

Horse owners and stable operators require hay free of mould and alsike clover and generally prefer smaller bales, an industry specialist with Alberta Agriculture told forage growers.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Alta. forage growers told to cater to horse owner needs

OLDS, Alta. — Forage and hay producers who are looking to sell product should pay attention to Alberta’s horse industry, says Les Burwash, a horse industry specialist with Alberta Agriculture. There are 200,000 to 250,000 horses in Alberta, and most of their owners buy hay rather than grow it. In fact, Burwash said the horse […] Read more

A forage specialist says the best way to store bales is in single rows, six to 10 inches apart.  |  File photo

Give hay breathing room: specialist

Preventing mould, rot | Moisture accumulates in stacked bales and wind cannot dry them out

SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. — Neat triangle-shaped stacks might be producers’ favourite way to store bales, but that method causes the most damage to the hay, said Barry Yaremcio, Alberta’s beef and forage specialist. He told the Foraging into the Future conference last month that producers who are short on feed and looking at old hay […] Read more

Hay donations sought for East

The campaign to send hay to eastern Canadian farmers hit by drought and escalating feed prices continued last week at Canadian Western Agri-bition. Bert Bloemendal, the Ontario trucker who is co-ordinating logistics for HayEast 2012, attended the show, where volunteers sought donations of hay and cash. Bloemendal operates Bert’s Repair and Towing in Mount Brydges, […] Read more

Plenty of canadian hay heads south, but majority of grain stays home

The open market is drawing lots of crop into the United States, but it isn’t hard red spring wheat. “We have been just inundated with calls (from the United States) wanting hay, and we have been selling it,” said broker Allan Johnston of Welwyn, Sask. “I’m buying currently for four companies and we’re talking to […] Read more

Corn cobs are missing, small and distorted or failing to fill at all as high temperatures and drought take their toll. Local farmers near Boston, Ohio, say they typically have two large cobs and are now seeing one, smaller than normal and sometimes a smaller, deformed cob in an area where 250 to 300 bushel corn is common.  |  Michael Raine photo

Producers could look north for hay

Too early for buyers | U.S. producers to wait before making moves north

The drought in the U.S. Midwest has a few producers and hay brokers looking to buy hay in Canada, but there is no rush yet, said an Alberta hay producer. John Overwater said has had a few inquires, but no commitments for hay sales. “They’re kicking tires, but not making a commitment,” said Overwater, of […] Read more