Clarity on size but not quality

Storm clouds have been a common sight above the prairie landscape this year, but there are no clouds on the horizon when it comes to grain movement, says the top executive with the Western Grain Elevator Association. So far, capacity at country elevators is good, space at west coast export terminals is within an acceptable […] Read more

Wet crops a concern for Manitoba farmers

MORDEN, Man. — There are unusual sights in Manitoba’s Red River valley today. In some areas, the usually lush and thick crop stands are patchy with yellowed low spots, hints of spaces between rows, and just general thinness. Yet other parts of the valley, the warmest and wettest part of the Prairies, have the voluminous […] Read more

Bumper crops expected

The 2016 harvest is shaping up to be a whopper, according to Western Canada’s largest elevator companies. But as usual, there’s a disclaimer: It’s still early and lots can happen between now and harvest. “It looks pretty good throughout the Prairies,” said Wade Sobkowich, executive director with the Western Grain Elevators Association. “But obviously, it’s […] Read more

Farmers less connected to comfortable combines

BALGONIE, Sask. — Nathan Gregg of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute says farmers probably aren’t as in tune with their combines as they used to be. In the days when combine cabs were less comfortable or didn’t exist at all, farmers could tell what was happening by the feel and sound of the machine. However, […] Read more

Don’t set it and forget it

It can be an onerous task to stop the combine and check for grain losses every time conditions change, but that’s exactly what operators should do, says Derek Rude of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute. Rude, who looks closely at the fine line between increasing a combine’s productivity and maintaining acceptable losses, said operators should […] Read more

Lentil quality report misses mark

Lentil processors say the Canadian Grain Commission is leaving international buyers with the mistaken impression that this year’s lentil crop is of normal quality. The commission released a preliminary quality data report that indicates 90 percent of the lentil crop was No. 2 or better based on 145 harvest samples analyzed as of Oct. 15. […] Read more

Flattened crops challenge producers

Harvest work slowed | Producers who received snow in early September are finding they have to use the swather more

The best equipped farmer may be the first to cross the finish line this year. Many producers have been challenged by flat or leaning crops after frost in mid-September, cool weather, rain and the early appearance of snow in some regions. “It’s one of those things where definitely the newest technology as far as equipment […] Read more

Quality wheat may be tough to find

Production | Official expects protein levels of North American wheat to vary

North America’s spring wheat harvest is still in its infancy, but it appears there won’t be an overabundance of good quality milling wheat. “There’s certainly very high odds that we’re going to have wider protein spreads than last year or the last couple of years,” said Jim Peterson, marketing director for the North Dakota Wheat […] Read more

U.S. corn, soybean stocks much bigger than expected: USDA

Hopes for price rally dashed | But soybean, corn ending stocks still smallest in years

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — U.S. corn and soybean stockpiles were far larger than expected on the Sept. 1 start of this marketing year and the bigger soybean stockpile will buffer a late start for the fall harvest. The United States Department of Agriculture also said this year’s wheat crop was one percent larger than traders expected, […] Read more

Readers’ questions; recipe requests

Tips for preserving flavour:

Bountiful gardens have many readers wondering what to do with their harvests. I too am wondering what I will do with 33 spaghetti squash, other than donating to friends and the food bank. If you have a well-loved recipe for any of the following reader requests, please send them along so we can share them. […] Read more