A new class of lower quality milling wheat could undermine the important Canada Western Red Spring class.  |  File photo

New wheat class casts doubt on future

The Canadian Grain Commission recently proposed creating a new class of lower quality milling wheat with the stated objective of protecting the integrity of the Canada Western Red Spring class. However, the introduction of this new class may actually undermine CWRS wheat by facilitating the introduction of higher yielding, lower protein American hard red spring […] Read more

Industry officials say the Canadian Grain Commission’s new composite certification option to the vessel certification process ensures customers get the quality of wheat they require at the best price.  |  File photo

Canadian wheat not in decline: officials

The Western Producer recently published comments from an international grain broker that led the paper to ask the question, “is Canadian wheat in decline?” We are pleased to answer that question with an unequivocal “no.” In fact, it is quite the reverse. The wide-ranging comments brought up questions on logistics, grain grading and return to […] Read more

Are farmers losing cash, marketing edge post CWB?

An interview I did last week reopened the question of whether farmers have lost a crucial marketing and money-making edge that their wheat and other grains once gave them. The interview was with marketers of Canadian grain to West Africa, who noted the same problems and upset over Canadian grain quality and consistency that was […] Read more

Viterra announced today that it has received interest from a third party. | File photo

Suitor approaches Viterra

For breaking news on this story visit Viterra takeover rumours lift stocks, turn heads in the Daily news section. Viterra announced (March 9) that it has received interest from a third party. Its share price soared this afternoon as high as about $14 per share from about $11. Shortly after, the company released a brief […] Read more