Are farmers losing cash, marketing edge post CWB?

An interview I did last week reopened the question of whether farmers have lost a crucial marketing and money-making edge that their wheat and other grains once gave them. The interview was with marketers of Canadian grain to West Africa, who noted the same problems and upset over Canadian grain quality and consistency that was […] Read more

Price disparity sparks anger

Lack of competition | U.S. durum bids are almost double the Canadian price

Growers are becoming increasingly annoyed by the huge disparity in grain prices between Canada and the United States. “The best price I could get on my durum in Western Canada just last week was $8 a bushel at the farm,” said James Mann, a grower from Hodgeville, Sask. “I got quotes from other companies wanting […] Read more

It’s important to rotini and rotelle

If you’ve got a hankering for pasta, this Sunday might be the time to indulge. Oct. 25 is world pasta day, so designated to raise awareness of pasta and its base ingredient, durum wheat. Canada is the world’s biggest producer of durum used in pasta. More than half the durum in the world — four […] Read more