Statistics Canada says the amount of containerized grain shipped through the ports of Vancouver and Montreal has nearly tripled since 2001.
|  Port Metro Vancouver photo

Shipping containers popular for exports

The amount of Canadian grain exported in containers continues to grow. Statistics collected by the Canadian Grain Commission show the amount of containerized grain shipped through ports at Montreal and Vancouver nearly tripled to 3.87 million tonnes last year from 1.38 million tonnes in 2001. Containerized grain now constitutes close to 10 percent of total […] Read more

Shippers, railways differ on service

Canada’s largest railway says it continues to move grain at a record setting pace this year, despite complaints from grain shippers of inadequate service. Canadian National Railway also said it has consistently met or exceeded weekly grain movement targets set by the federal government. CN’s message differs considerably from that of the Ag Transport Coalition, […] Read more

Small shippers feel rail legislation created winners, losers

Small shippers feel rail legislation created winners, losers

Federal legislation aimed at improving prairie grain movement is a step in the right direction, said witnesses appearing before the Senate agriculture committee in Ottawa May 14. However, there is no guarantee that Bill C-30, the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act, will benefit all grain shippers equally. Small shippers, including short-line railways and farmer-owned […] Read more

Elevators couldn’t move any product this winter so they weren’t buying crops, causing basis levels to be exceptionally wide.  |  File photo

More cars, better basis levels

Knowing a train is coming will allow elevator managers to give real bids instead of ‘stink bids’

This winter’s wide basis levels could quickly narrow if trains start moving soon at a decent pace, says an analyst who follows that market. “Whatever tentative improvement we have seen to this date is going to accelerate as the logistical problem begins to end,” said Harold Davis, the analyst who operates “I’m confident once […] Read more