Feds extend comment time on deferred cash grain tickets

The federal government is giving the Canadian grain industry another two months to voice their opinions on deferred cash grain tickets. On May 23, the federal finance department issued a statement confirming that the public consultation period on deferred cash purchase tickets for grain would be extended to July 24, 2017. The initial deadline had […] Read more

Growers with quality issues urged to hone marketing skills

The Alberta Wheat Commission encourages growers to get a good handle on the quality of wheat they’re selling before pulling the trigger on delivery. AWC chair Kevin Auch told The Western Producer last week that wheat quality will be highly variable this year, adding that growers should look beyond grade and familiarize themselves with all […] Read more

Due south: grain shipments head to the U.S.

Prairie producers are making it a habit to head south of the border to sell their grain, according to the federal grain monitor

Trucking grain from Western Canada to the United States is on the rise and likely to continue, says the company that monitors prairie grain handling and transportation. About 3.2 million tonnes of prairie grain were trucked to U.S. buyers in 2014-15, almost double the amount in 2012-13. “You can see this is slowly growing,” said […] Read more

Better price transparency worthy goal

For generations, western Canadian farmers marketed their grain by hauling it to the local elevator as it was called in. The Canadian Wheat Board largely controlled when this happened and at what price. However, it’s a different story today. Unlike financial markets, the energy industry and other established sectors of the Canadian economy, the grain […] Read more

Expensive identity preserved grain fails to attract buyers

End of the CWB monopoly did not spark more IP sales, 
due to the hefty premium charged for handling

Carsten Bredin thought the end of single desk grain marketing in Canada would be the beginning of a new era of identity preserved sales of wheat and durum. He was wrong. “That was my expectation and we were excited by that,” said the vice-president of grain merchandising with Richardson International. “For many, many years we […] Read more

Are farmers losing cash, marketing edge post CWB?

An interview I did last week reopened the question of whether farmers have lost a crucial marketing and money-making edge that their wheat and other grains once gave them. The interview was with marketers of Canadian grain to West Africa, who noted the same problems and upset over Canadian grain quality and consistency that was […] Read more

FNA reveals plans to buy control of CWB

Farmers to regain stake in sector | Newly built Genesis Grain & Fertilizer could use CWB assets

A Saskatoon-based organization is hoping prairie farmers will open their wallets and throw their support behind a plan to acquire a controlling share in CWB. Representatives from Farmers of North America used town hall meetings last week to share details of how they plan to acquire a controlling share in CWB. FNA chief operating officer […] Read more