Study shows grain dryer fans should run mainly at night

Side-by-side trial conclusions Daytime drying ineffective because fan pushes warm, moist air into bin: researchers

Researchers say grain drying trials conducted this year have proven that aeration fans shouldn’t run continuously. Instead, fans should run mostly at night, say researchers from Indian Head, Sask. They held side-by-side trials in August and September, comparing continuous aeration to intermittent aeration of grain bins. The results confirmed an earlier hypothesis that grain dries […] Read more

Once the grain is in the bin, farmers should keep a close watch on it. If it needs drying, the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute says farmers shouldn’t limit their drying to night until more definitive results show otherwise.  |  File Photo

Expert refutes recent research into grain drying

More information needed | PAMI official 
isn’t ready to rule out daytime drying

A grain-drying expert from the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute says producers shouldn’t dry grain only at night, contrary to research findings from the Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation. Joy Agnew, project manager of agricultural research services with PAMI in Humboldt, Sask., told the Manitoba Canola Growers Association annual meeting in Brandon that grain growers shouldn’t […] Read more