VIDEO: GMO opposition part of non-science movement: Robert Saik

Robert Saik’s goal is to make everyone informed about GMOs before they take a stance on them. The CEO of Agri-Trend is currently working on making Know GMO, a documentary movie about GMOs, telling both sides of the story including the anti-GMO side. Yesterday he gave a lecture at the University of Saskatchewan about GMOs […] Read more

Roundup Ready in alfalfa exports ‘catastrophic’

China market closed | U.S. exporters blacklisted because of GM presence in the crop

BROMONT, Que. — The discovery of Roundup Ready alfalfa in global hay exports should be on Canadian farmers’ radar, says a Canadian hay exporter. Ed Shaw, who exports forage around the world, including to China, said three American hay exporters have been blacklisted from exporting hay to China, and hundreds of container loads of hay […] Read more

Schmeiser remains committed to fighting GMOs

Farmer challenged Monsanto | At 83, Sask. farmer Percy Schmeiser is an in-demand speaker around the world

Anti-GMO activists gathered across Canada late last month for a day of protest, but the man who many consider the most visible and outspoken opponent of GMOs didn’t attend. Instead, Percy Schmeiser spent the weekend with his wife Louise at their home in Bruno, Sask., about 100 kilometres away. Schmeiser, who was a constant thorn […] Read more

Syngenta halts sale of new GM corn

CHICAGO, Ill. (Reuters) — Syngenta has halted commercial sales in Canada of corn seed containing a new genetically modified trait because major importers have not approved the product, say two industry sources. The variety contains the Agrisure Duracade trait that provides protection against rootworms. The company will sell it in the United States, but growers […] Read more