Mistakes were made more than two decades ago when genetically modified crops first came to market, says a Monsanto executive.
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Failure to explain, educate public about GM a mistake: Monsanto

Mistakes were made more than two decades ago when genetically modified crops first came to market, says a Monsanto executive. Robb Fraley, the company’s chief technology officer, said those errors still haunt agriculture, and industry leaders can’t repeat them with a new technology known as genome editing. “In the case of the GMO technology, one […] Read more

Bothwell Cheese has announced plans to seek non-GMO certification for a new line of cheese in 2017. | Screencap via www.bothwellcheese.com

Manitoba cheese company to tap into GMO-free market

For consumers who want it, cheese produced from the milk of cows fed non-genetically-modified feed will soon be available at grocery stores in Canada. On Tuesday, Bothwell Cheese announced plans to produce and sell this new cheese in 2017. The company, based in the southeastern Manitoba town of New Bothwell, said it would soon launch […] Read more

Anti-Monsanto protests, like this one in Saskatoon in 2013, are indicative of the intense opposition to the company by some members of the public.  |  File photo

Bayer may give GMO new lease on life

Putting Monsanto out of its misery could shift future debates about genetically modified crops to arguments based on fact rather than emotion. Agricultural chemical and seed technology giant Monsanto is arguably the most detested company in the world. But Bayer’s acquisition of St. Louis-based Monsanto will likely mean the latter (or at least its brand) […] Read more

GM crops provide billions in benefits

Were it not for the snow on the ground, I would have thought it was April Fool’s Day instead of Christmas when I read The Western Producer’s Dec. 3 story, Anti-GMO group says yield gains non-existent. Lucy Sharratt, Taarini Chopra and the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network are once again misleading Canadians about genetically modified crops, […] Read more

GM labelling unnecessary; focus must be safety, health

California, the birthplace of so many trends, is at it again with a proposal on this fall’s ballot for mandatory labels on genetically modified food. The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act will appear on voter ballots as Proposition 37 in the Nov. 6 U.S. elections, which among other things will also choose […] Read more

Canada’s biotechnology sector is a significant contributor to positive policy change in food production.  |  File photo

Canada’s GM regulatory model improving

BASF announced Jan. 16 that it is essentially ending its plant biotechnology discovery research program in the European Union and expanding activities in Raleigh, North Carolina. It also announced that the headquarters of BASF Plant Science would move from Limburgerhof, Germany, to Raleigh. BASF Plant Sciences has read the tea leaves and appears to have […] Read more