Who is Carey Gillam?

To people who are skeptical about pesticides and leery of global agri-companies, Carey Gillam is a truth-telling hero. To Monsanto and supporters of modern agriculture, Gillam is a campaigner, a spreader of misinformation and an irrational activist. Gillam, who was an agricultural reporter for Reuters in Kansas City from 1998 to 2015, sees it differently. […] Read more

Cargill’s GMO segregation plan angers producers

The tweet seemed innocent enough. Cargill was announcing its intention to expand its existing relationship with a verification body to certify that certain food ingredients it uses are not genetically modified. “We work closely with the #NonGMO Project & hope to have even more Cargill ingredients verified in the near future,” said the company. That […] Read more

Manitoba cheese company to tap into GMO-free market

For consumers who want it, cheese produced from the milk of cows fed non-genetically-modified feed will soon be available at grocery stores in Canada. On Tuesday, Bothwell Cheese announced plans to produce and sell this new cheese in 2017. The company, based in the southeastern Manitoba town of New Bothwell, said it would soon launch […] Read more

Dannon switches to non-GM

A food manufacturer’s pledge to make yogurt with non-genetically modified ingredients has raised the ire of U.S. farm groups and the eyebrows of a Canadian grain industry executive. Dannon is transforming its Danimals, Oikos and Dannon brands of yogurt to contain no GM ingredients. Those three brands account for half of the company’s sales. Cows […] Read more

Consumer attitudes about GM food don’t match their spending habits

A study earlier this year for Health Canada has found that consumer perception of genetically modified food is still not positive. Even though GM food has been on the market for decades, 61 percent of survey respondents and focus group participants said the words “genetic modification” are negative and only 26 percent said they would […] Read more