Tires made all the difference between two test drives of the Toyota Tacoma.  |  Toyota photo

A tale of two trucks: performance starts from the ground up

Never before has it been so important to pay attention to which truck package was tested when you read a review. For example, take the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. I first drove the Tacoma TRD (Toyota Racing Department) as part of a test of small trucks for the Canadian Truck King Challenge. The challenge is designed […] Read more

Ford’s F350 King Ranch features more horsepower, allowing greater towing capacity.  |  Ford Motor Company photo

Ford King Ranch changes to Power Stroke diesel engine

Having driven Ford’s F350 each year for many years, it can be difficult to tell what really is new and improved season to season. Several years ago, the underpinnings were the news of the day. Rear springs, including the overloads, were widened to about 7.6 millimetres and the bolts that hold the truck together were […] Read more