Research at the University of Regina indicates that marketing genetically modified food could be easier if consumers knew more about how the technology works.  |  File photo

More knowledge changes GM attitudes: study

A Sask. psychologist finds that consumers warm up to genetically modified food after learning more about the science

For more than two decades, plant scientists and other experts have tried to convince people that genetically modified food is safe. Their arguments haven’t worked. Public polling continues to show that 40 to 50 percent of Canadians think GM food is unsafe to eat, despite decades of research showing it is safe. Online discussions about […] Read more

A survey of 1,000 Americans found 62 percent believe GM technology is acceptable to protect human health, such as a GM mosquito that is less likely to carry the Zika virus.  |  Getty image

Public still can’t swallow concept of GM food

A new study has confirmed what pollsters already knew: the public remains skeptical about genetically modified foods. But economists at Purdue University found something else in a survey of about 1,000 Americans. The public is more accepting of genetic modification when the technology is not used for food. About 62 percent of respondents said GM […] Read more

Labelling foods containing genetically modified ingredients will cost money and farmers wonder who will get the bill.  |  File photo

Clarification wanted on NDP’s GM labelling stance

Polls on genetically modified foods typically produce two findings. One — most Canadians support labelling of GM foods. Two — a large percentage of people think genetically modified foods are unsafe. For instance: A 2012 Farmers Feed Cities survey found that only 41 percent of Canadians think GM foods are safe for consumption An Insights […] Read more