A survey of 1,000 Americans found 62 percent believe GM technology is acceptable to protect human health, such as a GM mosquito that is less likely to carry the Zika virus.  |  Getty image

Public still can’t swallow concept of GM food

A new study has confirmed what pollsters already knew: the public remains skeptical about genetically modified foods. But economists at Purdue University found something else in a survey of about 1,000 Americans. The public is more accepting of genetic modification when the technology is not used for food. About 62 percent of respondents said GM […] Read more

Labelling foods containing genetically modified ingredients will cost money and farmers wonder who will get the bill.  |  File photo

Clarification wanted on NDP’s GM labelling stance

Polls on genetically modified foods typically produce two findings. One — most Canadians support labelling of GM foods. Two — a large percentage of people think genetically modified foods are unsafe. For instance: A 2012 Farmers Feed Cities survey found that only 41 percent of Canadians think GM foods are safe for consumption An Insights […] Read more