Gene editing is useful to achieve certain traits, but may not be powerful enough for something complex like drought-tolerant crops.  | Reuters photo

Scientist warns against completely abandoning genetic modification

Farmers and scientists may be tempted to throw transgenic crops in the trash. The technology, which has provided benefits to farmers, has been a public relations nightmare and provoked endless discussions about the safety of modern agriculture. However, before they throw the baby out with the bathwater, people in the agricultural industry need to remember […] Read more

Regulations on gene editing vary widely by country.  |  Getty Images

Rules on gene engineering threaten crop advancements

While plant breeders around the world embrace new gene-editing techniques to improve crops, response from regulatory agencies in different nations range from quick acceptance to near-bans. “Argentina, since 2015, took proactive steps and is the first country to pass regulations on NBT (new breeding techniques) covering the subcategory of genome editing,” said Rim Lassoued with […] Read more