Gene drive put to work for first time

Facts about Drosophila suzukii:

A disruptive technology that potentially could eliminate or reduce the need for insecticides may soon be coming to market. In a paper published April 17 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, University of California, San Diego biologists announced they have developed a gene drive to control an agricultural pest. The pest is […] Read more

New biotech advancement allows scientists to reduce and even eradicate certain species, such as weeds or disease-causing insects, prompting a significant environmental debate. | Getty image

Playing God: are we prepared to use gene drive technology?

It’s a technology with incredible potential. It’s a technology with tremendous risks. It might put an end to malaria. It might eliminate the need for insecticides and possibly herbicides. It could also have tragic consequences for bats and birds. It could have unpredictable impacts on entire ecosystems. The technology is called gene drive. “It is […] Read more