Canadian grain futures fade away

WINNIPEG — “If you build it, they won’t always come” turned out to be the case with ICE Futures Canada’s grain contracts, which were finally delisted today after years of little to no activity. Milling wheat and durum futures were introduced by ICE Canada in 2012 in response to the end of the Canadian Wheat […] Read more

HRSW futures diverge from cash market

Quality premiums, discounts | Some buyers are low-balling while some are offering top prices for small amounts

What’s quality wheat worth? These days you don’t get much of an idea from looking at Minneapolis Grain Exchange hard red spring wheat futures, analysts acknowledge. It means farmers have to do more legwork to find out the value of what they have in the bin. “The futures keep dropping, but guys are seeing (much […] Read more

Market experts cautious of new contract

The international crop futures market is heating up with inter-exchange competition, but the most relevant new Canadian crop futures contracts still have a doubtful future. Winnipeg’s ICE Futures Canada’s new contracts for milling wheat, durum and barley are seeing paltry trading with less than four months to go until the new crop year. It has […] Read more