Fungicides handle disease, improve overall plant

Pyraclostrobin credited | Trials show the ingredient boosts plant growth and yields

Fungicide use in Western Canada has grown exponentially in the past five years, says BASF, partly because of the side benefits of modern products. The primary strength of fungicides such as Headline remains disease control, but researchers are now able to measure some of the additional perks, such as increased plant growth efficiency and improved […] Read more

To spray or not to spray, that is the question

Timing is not everything | Decision to spray most important, followed by timing and product type

The benefits of fungicide come down to one crucial decision, said plant pathologist Mike Harding. Go or no go. Research shows that the decision to spray or not to spray represents about 70 percent of the risk versus reward in using fungicides. About 25 percent relates to the timing of application and only about five […] Read more

New products improve leaf wetting, surface spread

A trickle from the research pipeline has become a faster trickle as new products with differing active ingredients and strategies reach the marketplace these past two seasons. High moisture levels and im-proved plant genetics that result in heavier prairie crop canopies have caused many western Canadian producers to make use of fungicides in a way […] Read more

Fungicides partner up to do double duty

Multi-tasking products | Companies use multiple active ingredients and combine them to develop a better product

Many of the new fungicides reaching the Canadian marketplace are group projects rather than solo acts. While two of the new options feature new chemistries, a developing trend is to combine two modes of action, or active ingredients, into one product. BASF announced this winter that it had registered Twinline, a broad spectrum fungicide for […] Read more