Bibeau’s info-gathering stall leads to missed opportunities

Federal politicians will return to Ottawa Jan. 27 to get back to parliamentary business, but by then Canada’s agriculture minister will have already had some time to emphasize the importance of her file and priorities to colleagues. However, these will largely be missed opportunities for Marie-Claude Bibeau. In a blatantly apparent attempt to subdue concerns […] Read more

The federal government’s recent estimates show it doesn’t have a problem spending money — just not, apparently, on business risk management programs for agriculture.  |  File photo

Bibeau buys time; BRM not a priority

The federal government is buying time when it comes to making drastic improvements to AgriStability and other business risk management programs. Last month federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced minor, cost-free tweaks to AgriStability during the same week the public was given an updated look at Canada’s fiscal situation. That update shows the Liberal government […] Read more