No fall-back deal in effect if NAFTA axed

With North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations faltering, it’s possible that the U.S. could walk away from the talks and kill the deal. Should that happen, a few observers have said the original U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement would take effect. That would lead to negotiations between Canada and the United States to up-date that deal. […] Read more

Dan Rorvig, a cattle rancher from central North Dakota, supports free trade, but says the world won’t end if Trump terminates NAFTA. Rorvig thinks the U.S. and Canada will work out a bilateral deal to maintain the free flow of beef and cattle.  |  Robert Arnason photo

U.S. rancher backs free trade

MCVILLE, N.D. — Dan Rorvig looks like a cattleman should look. Dressed in jeans, cowboy boots, a tan vest, cowboy hat, a Lanny McDonald-style mustache and crow’s feet around his eyes, Rorvig has the appearance of a rancher from Hollywood central casting. What’s different about Rorvig, aside from his glasses, is he doesn’t have the […] Read more

Quebec’s dairy protection law has no place in modern world

In early December after years of resisting, Quebec finally changed its Food Products Act to remove a ban on the sale and production of edible oil-based products. Saskatchewan successfully challenged the law this spring under the Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade, which is designed to ease interprovincial trade barriers within Canada. To have such laws […] Read more

Canada, South Korea ratify free trade agreement

Canada, South Korea ratify free trade agreement

Canadian cattle and pork producers received an early Christmas present with the ratification of the Canada-South Korea Free Trade Agreement. The Dec. 3 ratification means Korean tariffs on Canadian beef and pork will start to reduce Jan. 1, 2015, and once again be competitive against Canadian and Australian ex-porters. The agreement means the 40 percent […] Read more

Canada has more to gain than lose by reaching a free trade agreement with the European Union.  |  File photo

Reasons to ratify Canada-EU trade deal

Many countries are stepping up efforts to conclude new trade agreements with key commercial partners as forecasters continue to downgrade their near-term projections for the global economy. In just the past four months, the United States has announced that it wants to reach a free trade accord with the European Union, Japan has joined the […] Read more