Feds fund forage centre of excellence

The federal government today announced a $4.47 million investment in the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence to be built in Saskatoon. The Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association has already earmarked $1 million for the project. It will partner with the University of Saskatchewan and other stakeholders on the project. Today’s federal funding is channeled through the […] Read more

Forage trial project helps B.C. producers do on-farm research

It’s no secret that food production can be a complicated and mysterious process at times, not to mention risky. Determining how to meet goals without losing money can be a challenge, but a just-completed research project in north-central British Columbia might make it possible to obtain the necessary information in less time and with less […] Read more

Beef, forage research receives Sask. funding

The Saskatchewan and federal governments announced $3.5 million in beef and forage research funding this week. The amount is down considerably from last year, but provincial agriculture minister Lyle Stewart said the 2016 total was unusually high because of some unique projects. The University of Saskatchewan will receive the lion’s share of the funding at […] Read more

Sweet grass benefits producer, environment

Perennial ryegrass | Livestock metabolizes feed more efficiently if sugar content is higher, increasing milk production and weight gain

Sugar is the latest dietary devil as nutritionists constantly warn adults and children about the dangers of cola, candy and ketchup. Livestock, however, may actually need more sugar in their diet, says Clayton Robins, who farms near Rivers, Man. Robins, a Nuffield scholar, said there is a direct connection between sugar content and livestock performance […] Read more

Sainfoin trial results puzzling

Mountainview variety | Plots near Lanigan, Sask., didn’t perform as well as those in Lethbridge

LANIGAN, Sask. — Officials testing the performance of new sainfoin lines say the forage plots on the Termuende Research Ranch near Lanigan are in stark contrast to those in other parts of the Prairies. After a long winter, researchers have observed fewer plants and a reduction in growth from lines that have shown the greatest […] Read more