Don’t take farming and food for granted says U of C report

Canadians and Canada’s governments shouldn’t take farming and food for granted. That’s the bottom line of a June 9 report from the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy. “Food security in Canada is not something to be taken for granted and government policy action must reflect the essential service agriculture provides for our nation,” […] Read more

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which has killed more than 70,000 Americans, a number of large meat-processing plants have shut down because of infected workers. The result has been fewer markets to which to sell livestock and higher prices for meat. | File photo

Is North America’s food supply system a disaster or a success story?

Under the stress of COVID-19 both the flaws and resiliency of the Canadian and U.S. food systems have become popular topics

Is our food system a disaster? Widespread food shortages on grocery store shelves make some think so. In the early days of COVID-19, when I saw empty shelves for some dairy products, flour and toilet paper I got pretty spooked about food security. When I heard about packing plants becoming rife with virus, hundreds of […] Read more

Residents started a food program in their community to ensure access to food to those who need it. | Karen Morrison photo

B.C. community tackles food insecurity

OLIVER, B.C. — Connecting the bounty of food in the highly productive Okanagan with people in need is a priority of Food Secure Oliver. After three years of planning and consultations with the community, the initiative is expected to roll out in February and March with the hiring of a co-ordinator to implement the plan […] Read more

Peace-building efforts are essential in ensuring food production and Canadian investment in rural areas that helps rebuild communities is seen a way to foster peace.  |  Getty image

Conflict resolution key to famine issues

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization welcomes the UN security council’s recognition of conflict as a major cause of famine, and the call to enhance longer-term recovery and resilience of conflict-affected countries. FAO’s response comes after the UN security council adopted a statement acknowledging the link between conflict and famine. “We know through our […] Read more

A GM researcher who is married to an organic farmer tries to bridge the gap between science and consumers. | File photo

Changing the discussion on genetic modification

The evolution of genetic modification will continue with more diverse options, giving scientists more flexibility to better breed crops for farmers and human nutrition. However, farmers and researchers will continue to have to explain the technology to consumers focused on the genetic level, said Pamela Ronald. Ronald, a GM researcher at the University of California, […] Read more

Farmers around the world, such as this one in Cuba, are facing the worsening effects of climate change.
|  REUTERS/Pilar Olivares photo

Remember the poor in climate agenda

Trenia Arana had been farming seven acres of land in central Nicaragua. But after years of severe drought, crop failures and growing debt, she finally decided to take up a job as a housekeeper last year. With her husband working in neighbouring Costa Rica, Arana’s 11-year-old son must now tend to the family gardens before […] Read more

Hunger can affect your ability to be a good citizen, says a native Zimbabwan who described the challenges of living in poverty.  |  Getty photo

VIDEO: Hunger called human rights issue

Varayayi Pugeni knew all about hunger when he was growing up in rural Zimbabwe. “There is nothing as depressing as when a mother has to make a choice on which child to feed, or to make a choice on which child should go to bed hungry,” Pugeni said on World Food Day Oct. 16. “My […] Read more

Frances Moore Lappe, director of the Small Planet Institute, says there would be an abundance of food if people ended their obsession with eating animals. | File photo

Organics can feed the world: report

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association takes aim at Friends of the Earth for claims that cattle production wastes farmland

Supporters of organic agriculture say they would have no problem feeding the world. Kendra Klein, staff scientist with Friends of the Earth, said the deeply entrenched narrative that organics is incapable of feeding a growing population is false. It is also the conclusion of a new report released by the organization called Farming for the […] Read more

Data on African food security is being tracked via cellphones and voice recognition software.  |  File photo

Mobile phones key in tracking hunger

One in 10 people do not have enough food to eat in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, despite it being Africa’s second largest country with vast fertile lands and thousands of lakes, rivers and streams. Food insecurity, which is the “availability and adequate access at all times to sufficient, safe and nutritious […] Read more