Mousse cakes recalled

A variety of mousse cakes first subject to recall Aug. 11 due to risk of norovirus now are the focus of an expanded recall to include a wider variety of products. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency updated its food recall warning yesterday for several types of raspberry mousse cakes distributed across Western Canada and possibly […] Read more

Good things come in safe packages

Demands for fewer preservatives can mean a reduction in shelf life, freshness, appearance and flavour

TORONTO — Fewer ingredients in food products could mean a higher cost and shorter shelf life. Carol Zweep, manager of packaging, food and label compliance at NSF International, said some ingredients are necessary for food safety and “product functionality.” “There are a lot of chemical sounding names, but they have a function and sometimes can’t […] Read more

Recalled flour products focus of lawsuit

An Alberta law firm has launched a class action lawsuit against Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. following the nationwide food safety recall that involved Robin Hood all-purpose flour milled in Saskatoon. James H. Brown and Associates of Edmonton filed a statement of claim on March 31 against Smucker Foods of Canada Corp. Claimants are seeking […] Read more

Potato chips recalled

Old Dutch cheddar and sour cream potato chips are the subject of a recall announced Dec. 20 by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency due to risk of salmonella contamination. The potato chips have been distributed in the four western provinces and in Ontario and are being voluntarily recalled by Old Dutch Foods Ltd. There have […] Read more

CFIA recalls broccoli slaw

Broccoli slaw distributed by Sobeys stores across most of Canada is subject to recall for potentially carrying listeria bacteria. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued the warning Nov. 28, affecting all provinces except Quebec. Sobeys is voluntarily recalling the Compliments brand of broccoli slaw in the 340-gram package bearing a best before date of Nov. […] Read more

Food sector faces new food safety regulations

Safe Food for Canadians Act outlines inspection requirements, mandatory licensing and product labelling

OTTAWA — New food safety regulations should be published later this year with an emphasis on continuous improvement throughout the chain. Regulations for the 2012 Safe Food for Canadians Act will be published in the Canada Gazette, and it will be open for public comment, federal Health Minister Jane Philpott told the Canadian Meat Council’s […] Read more

Irradiated ground beef plan decades in making

The current list:

Ruth Brinston has a simple desire. She wants to be able to buy irradiated beef at her local grocery store in Ottawa. The semi-retired scientist and consultant has been studying and promoting irradiation for 30 years and has no qualms about its ability to improve food safety by killing E. coli and other dangerous bacteria. […] Read more

Hard to kill

Seventy-one Celsius is the recommended temperature for cooking hamburgers to kill any bacteria they might contain. Now research indicates 71 C is not enough to kill some forms of E. coli, including some that are dangerous to humans. It opens the door to new worries about food safety. Lynn McMullen, a food biologist and professor […] Read more

CFIA tests for glyphosate in food

Last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it would begin testing foods and grains for residues of glyphosate. The testing, which is expected to start this spring, will be the first time the FDA has monitored food for glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup. The FDA decision was widely reported in […] Read more

Company gives ethics priority

BADEN, Ont. — Business acumen lies behind Pfenning’s Organic Farm, but another element to success is equally important, if not more so. “I’d rather lose money than compromise ethics,” Jenn Pfenning said. She and her husband, Ekk, operate the business with other family members. Ekk’s mother, Barnhild, is still involved. The family, which founded the […] Read more